Precautions for Use

  1. Static Protection

The control board cables and fan connectors directly connect to the IC pins. If touching these connectors in the absence of electrostatic discharge, it would easily break down IC; which makes the miner stop working. During installation or maintenance, be sure to discharge static electricity or wear antistatic equipment.

  1. Power off the Miner during Maintenance

Be sure to unplug the miner when installing or maintaining it. Otherwise, the control board will be damaged.

  1. The Sequence of Powering On

Please power the hashboards first, and then power the control board. If you are powering one miner with one PSU, you could power it on immediately after connecting the hashboards and control board.

  1. 6 pin Connectors

Be caution on the way of connecting 6 pin connectors. If it’s reversed, the PSU will enter protection mode. Moreover, the control board and hashboard will be burnt.

  1. The Usage of PSU

You cannot use multiple PSUs for multiple miners. 

Please only use one PSU to power one hashboard. You can’t use multiple PSUs to power one hashboard.

  1. Power Consumption

When the actual output of the power source does not meet the needs of miners, the hashrate will be low. It is recommended that the output of PSU should be 20% or more than the miner needs.

  1. Power Cord Specifications

When the voltage is below 220V, it is recommended to use 8A or more power cables. The length should be 1.5m or less.

When the voltage is below 110V, it is recommended to use 11A or more power cables The length should be 1.5m or less.

  1. PSU cord

Bitmain APW series use the C13 cord (normal desktop power cord).

  1. Dust prevention

When the air way in front of the heatsinks is blocked, the miner will be affected. It’s easy to enter over temperature protection. The miner will stop.

  1. Moisture-proof

If the water curtain is applied under the situation where a large amount of dust is accumulated, water vapor will adhere to the dust accumulation area and corrode the hashboards. The hashboards might be scrapped.

The recommended humidity is below 65%. Coastal places are subject to large salinity in the air, which can easily damage the hashboard

  1. Lost Internet

You don’t need to unplug and reboot the miner if the internet connection failure can be fixed within 15 mins.

If the internet connection failure cannot be fixed in a short time, please power off the miner. Unstable internet connection could cause crashes and other failures to the miner.

  1. The load of router

Please consult with the router manufactures on how many miners can be connected with the router.

  1. The Load of Broadband

1M broadband could support 150 miners.

  1. Data usage

A miner can use 500M data in one month. Please prepare enough amount of data usage if using data card.

  1. Low Temperature Environment

When the ambient temperature is too low, the hashrate might be low.

  1. Connect Ground Wire

If the ground wire is not connected, power leakage will happen. In such case, the miner and PSU will be damaged. Please consult with professional electricians on how to connect the ground wire.

  1. Lightning Strike

Please be sure to take lightning protection measures. Otherwise, all equipment may be damaged if struck by lightning.

  1. High Temperature

If the miner is working at a high temperature for a long time, it is relatively easy to be broken. It is recommended that the working environment temperature be 5-35 degrees.

  1. POE function

Using POE function switches or routers are not allowed. Because the control board will be burnt.

  1. Network Connection

Antminers can only be connected via network cable and do not support WIFI.

  1. Network Cable Specifications

Common RJ45 cables. The specifications vary.

  1. PSU connecting sequence

The sequence doesn’t matter when connecting the PSU cables to the miner.

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