Normal Operating Temperature Range

  • Recommended ambient temperature should be 15-35 in Celsius. 

To be specific, the temperature of the air intake should fall in this range. 

Sometimes even if the room temperature is good, the air intake temperature might still be too high because of the dust accumulation or other affects. Please clean the miner if needed. Here's the instructions:


  • Below are the normal temperature of chips,

S9/T9: the temp(Chip) should be 65-115 (The temp(PCB) should be 40-80).
L3+: the temp(Chip) should be 35-85
D3: the temp(Chip) should be 35-80
A3: the temp(Chip) should be lower than 115. The miner will shut down if the PCB temp is higher than 85. 
T9+ the temp(Chip) should be no more than 125. The PCB board temp maximum is 95. 
X3 and B3: The temp (Chip) should be no more than 127. The PCB Board temperature maximum is 80.


The maximum PCB board temperature for the V9 is 80. The ideal temperature range is 30-70. There is no specification for chip temperature.

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