How to create/revise a repair ticket

In order for us to locate the package with your returned parts there needs to be a Repair ticket. Without the repair ticket, we cannot proceed with the repair.

How to create repair ticket?

1.Please go to our official website click the profile to login:

And enter your username and password to login. If you don’t have a Bitmain account, please click “Sign Up” to create one. 


2.After login, you will enter the page to create a repair ticket.


Add Device


Add Address


Mark for Details

  • Make sure you are on the English operation page;
  • Courier: Please choose a Courier. If you do not choose a Courier you will get an error message requiring the “billname”.
  • Tracking No.: Please exactly match the tracking no. on the shipping label. Tracking numbers can only be used once. If you do not have the right tracking number, please try to input the date of today like 2017051514 Year / Month / Day /Hour first then revise it after you receive the right tracking number.
  • Repair Site: Please select a repair center. HongKong is available for clients from all over the world; US-California is only available for US clients.

3. After submitting, you will see a page as below, which means that you have created a ticket successfully. The status of the ticket should be “Uncollected”.

How to revise a repair ticket?

1. Click the button “View”, you can view the information of your ticket. Before we confirm the ticket, the user is allowed to revise the ticket as below.


Mark for details

  • Make sure the information in your Repair Ticket matches the actual information that you shipped back, or it will delay the repair.
  • You can only revise your repair ticket before the status change to “Collected”.

Before you create the repair ticket,

1. Please read the Guidance for repair as below carefully.

2. Please pack the defective parts well and ship them back as below. How to pack the hash board:

How to pack the hash board:


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    Is an RMA issued before the DHL AWB is created?



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    hello, i try to fix repait ticket.

    What is different Hashboard D3 (S) OR Hashboard D3 (N) ??

    On the Chain is D3_DashBoard_V2.2


    Order ID ???
    Quantity ???
    Sorryx my english bad and your HELP not really helpful for D3 Miner.
    Please can you help me.
    Many thanks
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    I have created repair ticket 4 days ago. Current ticket status 'Pending'.

    Could you please check and provide instruction what I should do next ?

    Ticket ID: 03320180206025232026Jw00M73305FA

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    I sent the fees under warranty, Track Tracking
    No. EF019088477RU, I have the status that the parcel is received, and the status in the ticket has not changed?
    Ticket Id 033201801300505541129Ttv9B7j067F

    Thank you

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    they will not respond or return your money, 

    they stole my money as well. 

    here is what I found. 
    they have a CA address/and business entity. you can file a complaint with sec of state. links below. 
  search for bitmain.
    you will find the address. 
    file for complaint here; 
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    I can't revise the Tracking No. 
    And Bitmain received my problem hashboard already from DHL on February 05, 2018 at 09:47
    tracking no. "700 7107 914"


    status show 

    "This is special ticket and requests approval from Bitmain. Customer will receive the products without returning. Please provide us the ticket ID via Support email after creating the ticket."

    how i can do ?

    Ticket ID: 

    order ID : 0012017090500431

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    I submitted a parts replacement ticket a month ago its still pending I don't know where to take this too I have shipped the part to your California site but no replacement part has been sent back to us.

    can you tell me how this will get resolved.

    ticket id 03320180223065812333QmsfXGXh06ED

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