Miners cannot be upgraded or set



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  • Martin Stas

    Hey there! I ran into similar issues when setting up my miner, so I totally get the frustration. For the firmware upgrade hiccup, switching to Google or Firefox worked wonders for me – IE can be a bit finicky. Also, make sure you're using the official firmware from the website.

    When it comes to setting up the mining pool, double-check if you're using a test firmware. If so, it won't let you configure the mining pool info. Swipe or upgrade with the official firmware, and don't forget to save your config.

    For the pesky card swipe problems, formatting the SD card to FAT32 and following the tutorial step by step is crucial. It might seem trivial, but a missed step can mess things up. And if an upgrade gets interrupted, it's repair time.

    If all else fails, it could be a control board issue. Contact the manufacturer for a return. We've all been there, don't hesitate to ask for help.

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