How to set up V1.0 test jig manual for S17+, T17+, S17e, T17e and S19 series miners



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  • Yusef

    Hello, please I need to know what to do if the test jig V1.0 for S17+, T17+, works OK, but the LCD is blank? The LCD has light, but no image, the test jig works OK if you see the results in the PC terminal Xshell. At some point the linux terminal says the lcd has been detected. All cables of the test jig to the LCD board are well connected. Yesterday, the LCD was working OK, and nothing has changed in test jig's hardware. The only thing I did was change the SD card to test another model, now I have tested all SD models I have and no LCD image. Measuring with oscilloscope in D0, D1, D2 and D3, from the control board of the test jig to the LCD board, shows signals at D0, D1, and 3.3 V at D2, D3 and VCC.

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