How do I upload transfer proof?




  • suman kundu

    there is no such option of transfer proof in sales order but just view as order has already expired but paid the same day.

  • Gherson12

    that example dont helpful and is dont like in the website the company need to improve the website 

  • danieljefrry

    For first batch D3 there's no transfer proof button, I've made a payment on 26th July but it appears as unpaid & expired order :( 

    Please help me..

  • Roman Levenko

    There is no such option at all! This FAQ chapter is useless.


  • Sarah

    Transfer Proof could only be uploaded when the payment method is USD and status is unpaid. You are not able to upload the transfer proof when your order status is PAID, SHIPPED or EXPIRED.

  • Megatypersus

    i have ordered psu as i couldnt able to make order for d3 but its been 3 days and my order didnt confirmed, i paid using btc

  • Cong

    Dear Sarah Li

    I payment for my Order ID:0012017080304822 on 07/08/2017.

    But now it still unpaid!

    Pls help me!

    I was contact to but they don't reply to me!


  • Andrewtuzzolino

    I did not know i had to upload a proof of purchase. how do i upload one now ? Am I still going to recieve my items ? or are you going to send a refund ?

  • Andrewtuzzolino

    I emailed you my proof of payment ... what do i do now. my payment was sent on July 12th .. please contact me

  • Bestofzaiting

    Hello Support I paid already but it says expired pls can u help me 

    Payment Proof

  • kausik kuamr

    order ID:0012017081106865 I have paid 0.49176900 btc. still showing pay to proceed. I have already paid... please help...

  • Nguyen Manh Hà

    Dear Sarah Li

    I payment for my  Order ID:0012017080203061

    But now it still unpaid! and EXPIRED

    Pls help me! was contact to but they don't reply to me!

  • Arabi Mohammed El Amin

    My two orders shows unpaid and expired.

    Order 1: 0012017080204172
    This order contain 2 pieces of antminer S9 plus 2 pieces of PSU. The payment was effected by USD wire from Commercial Bank of Quatar.
    The total amount is : 2640 USD.

    Order 2: 0012017080304651

    This order contain 5 pieces of antminer D3.

    This order was payed using two banks:

    Bank1: Commercial Bank of Quatar
    Name: Charloval trading and contracting
    Amount: 6807 USD.

    Bank2: Bank of America
    Name: Abdeljabar Keiri
    Amount: 1498 USD.

    You will find all proofs of payment jointly.

    We are waiting for the confirmation to order more pieces of D3 and L3+.

    Thank you.

  • Leonards Narusbergs

    Hi, i cant upload a proof for USD payment! Something not properly work on the site!

    Order ID: 0012017081901504

    Proof attached, please contact me or put this proof manualy

  • Leonards Narusbergs

    ok, i did it. Input form must be scrolled down! But user cant see this. Please make upload form better.


  • Asadullah G Khan


    Dear this is my order placing time (  2017-08-17 09:49:22 Order ID:0012017081701214)  and I have paid in 10 min pls see screen shot and time still it is showing unpaid after five days no response from support team on my triker submitted and no proper reply from your side

    waiting for your swift reply for   2017-08-17 09:49:22 Order ID:0012017081701214                                

  • Csodo Norbert

    Dear Bitmain,

    According to your request, I have just uploaded the Transfer Proof of my Order ID: 0012017090501158 and Order ID: 0012017090501475 to the appropriate place (User Center/Sales Order/Transfer Proof), as is:

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