Trouble shooting - Antrouter R1, R1-LTC

1. If the Antrouter does not mine correctly, you need to update the firmware.

Go to>>>>Support>>Downloads

Select the device from the left sidebar


Download and save the firmware to your computer or laptop. Do not open the file:



Log into your Antrouter and go to System>>Backup/Flash firmware. Select Choose file, load the file from your computer, and select Flash image. The firmware will load to the device. Keep the device powered while the firmware is loading and let the device run for 20 minutes after loading the firmware. 

Note: Please make sure the "Keeping settings" section is unchecked.


2. If the problem could not be solved, please try to reset the device by clicking "Perform reset".


3. If could not find the WIFI, please try to reset the Antrouter. A five second long press will reset the Antrouter to its default settings.


4. If your problem could not be solved by firmware update and factory reset please send us the SN photo and screenshots which shows the Antrouter does not work well.

Please contact us by Contacting Support

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