How to disassemble miners




  • Cielosdejesus

    hello, i have a problem with L3+ i wrote 2 days ago and mrs barbara said that "Please try reloading the firmware: Antminer-L3+-201704271426-384M.tar.gz
    Run the miner for 20 minutes after loading." but i dont know how i do this can you help me with this step?

  • Deslaurs

    There is nothing in the article

  • adtech team

    The question still have no anwser, How to disassemble miners .

    But it seem easy to do,

    For bitmain support just focus and care on your answer quality make sure your info are right.

    don't jus copy and past answer.

  • DonGiovanni

    I think youre supposed to click the title which is a link to their youtube video?!

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