T19 temperature cant get stabilized



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    Dear Anatolii

    Could you send us full kernel log after the miner running 15mins then we will double check the reason and solutions for you 


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    Dear Jessica, i hope that i copied right info.

    ASIC worked by a wrong way 19 and 20 june. 

    But today 21 june it working good. 

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    Don't worry that the temperature and fan speed provided by your problem below are within the normal range, and the fan speed  and temp will be adjusted automatically according to the situation,It's normal as long as it's within the normal range

    When temperature goals 84-85C fans working on a speed over 6000

    then temperature gets 71-72C fans working on a speed 3000, so temperature moves to 84-85C

    and it goes on a circle.

    usually temperature was 74-75 and fun speed 4800 +/-

    I restarted asic a few times, restored factory settings, clean from dust, but it does not help.

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