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    Hello, It is recommended to unplug the power supply and wait for 20 minutes before restarting. If the problem still exists, please send the completed kernel log to for better communication, thanks!

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    DO NOT INSTALL the S19j Pro SD card recovery package.  It has BRICKED our miner!

    • (file size 26.87MB)
    • S19j Pro SD firmware for 7007 control board only (published 2021-08-26)

    This package is identical to the S19j package.  We have compared and match both packages' "update.bmu" file checksums.  Your miner will not be able to detect hash boards, reset to factory default firmware, or update to the Antminer-S19j-Pro-release-202106281212.bin firmware.  Effectively rendering your equipment useless.

    Bitmain support, please send the correct S19j Pro 100T (7007) recovery to

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