L3++ Not Read Chain, Only Chain 2 and 4



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    For the hashboard which can not be detected ,please try to exclude the issues by the below instructions

    1.check the wires for the hashboard--pull them and re-plug them again, and also you can try to change the new wires
    2.upgrade to the latest firmware 
    3. change the PSU to try it and reset the miner to the factory settings
    4.flash the SD card program to recover the control board
    Please download the SD card file in the below link





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    I checked, hashboars 1234 are normla. But maximum only 2 hashborads can work. between number ASIC 1 and 4, 2 and 3, 2 and 4. miner can read 2 hashboard only.
    i checked cables are normal too. i think error on controlboard. how to repair it? i tried upgrades with last version but still 2 hashboard work

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    If all the instructions are not available, One hashboard should has the faulty, could you find a repair site in your local market to repair it ?

    Due to the L3++ the bitmain stopped the repair service for it for a long time.

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