APW12 Power Supply in US for S19




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    Dear JJ

    Our machine requires an input voltage of 200-240v ,Because of different national conditions, if you ask about electricity, we advise please consult the electrician in your country directly 

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    Thanks for quick reply. Actually our electrician is having this concern. Cause APW12 only covers input voltage range but not voltage for each input port.In US, we did get 240v just with different distribution between ports.

    For example, APW12 has three input ports (port1, port2, port3)

    In China, 1 is ground, 2 is neutral and 3 is 220V, so it is 220V between 2 and 3.

    However in US, 1 is ground, 2 is hot (-120V), 3 is hot (+120V). so it is 240V working between 2 and 3. We are just not sure if it is OK in this case cause between 1 and 2 there is also voltage.

    I know this is kind of much too detail about the APW12. But is there any detailed specs on this part? I believe this is a general issue in US. Several miner groups were discussing this and everyone just assumes it works with 240V. It would be really helpful if your technicians could help answer this so I could share the knowledge across miner groups.

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    our technical engineer advised what you said is okay

    The voltage on your side is also OK

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