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    Hello, if you've tried all solutions but the problem still exists, we can only suggest to send it back to repair site for further check and maintenance.

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    Check if the fan cable is normal

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    i have the same problem, how can i fix it ?HELP


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    hi bro.. were you able to solve your problem? if yes.. then how?

    i am also getting "addrInterval or corenum is not initialized."

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    Dear friends

    I have same problem. My S19pro work just a minute then will power of
    I reset several times
    Reset factory several times
    Recover control board several times
    Changed control board
    Change power

    Anybody can help?

    2021-09-28 13:49:27 STATUS_OKAY
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 start the cached job
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 Version num 8
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 Mask num 0xe000
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 freq = 525, percent = 90, hcn = 12480, timeout = 449
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 set_start_time_point total_tv_start_sys=111 total_tv_end_sys=112
    2021-09-28 13:49:27 set_voltage_by_steps to 1335.
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 over max temp, pcb temp 0 (max 80), chip temp 15(max 95) pcb temp rise 0 chip temp rise 0, total_exit_failure 0
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 ERROR_TEMP_TOO_HIGH: over max temp
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 stop_mining: over max temp
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 uninit_temp_info
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 do not read temp anymore...
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 cancel thread
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 cancel thread
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 cancel thread
    2021-09-28 13:49:43 ****power off hashboard****
    2021-09-28 13:49:45 temp monitor thread exit

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    these seems to be a common problem that i am having as well.  Let me know if you find a solution!  

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    Is this a problem specific to the s19 units?  need to know if i should order a different model going forward. 

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    I had the same problem with my new S19J Pro.
    The Problem has been since the beginning.
    restart, SD flash, upgrade, PIC chip new program, nothing helped.
    I found the problem myself after 3 weeks.
    If you need help with this problem, you can write to me

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