Antminer s19 pro power consumption for a month


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    The answer to your question is the following:

    3250W = 3.25kw/h (3.25*0.11€= 0.3575€/h)

    so running it 24h/day = 3.25*24= 78kw/h (78*0.11€= 8.58€/day)

    so running it a week 7 days a week= 78*7=546kw/h (546*0.11€= 60.06€/week)

    so running it a month 30 days a month = 78*30 = 2340kw/h (2340*0.11€= 257.4€/month)

    So running it a year 365 days a year = 78*365= 28470kw/h (28470*0.11€=3131.70€/year)

    if your kw/h price is like ours 0.11€ then your


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