Antminer S17 Pro has stopped working for me


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    Well I have two S17 PRO 50TH/s ... guess what out of warranty ...

    Miner one ... lost the middle hash board permanently with the error 4 chip found then shutting down hash board ... one month out of warranty ... to bad ... thats $4.5K AUD lost 

    Miner two ... losing hash board intermittently and that started this week with the temp sensors failing ... similar to the first miner. So i started looking on the internet for answers .. other people are having similar issues? ... Don't worry I have done the board swaps firmware from an SD cards etc ... no go ... latest errors below.

    temperature.c:695:get_temp_info: read temp sensor failed: chain = 2, sensor = 0, chip = 55, reg = 1
    temperature.c:695:get_temp_info: read temp sensor failed: chain = 2, sensor = 1, chip = 40, reg = 0

    I am getting the impression after reading from other sources that from the 17 series SHA256 onwards are full of issues. They are flaky not like the S9 built like a tank

    Support have been great but it doesn't help me with the only two miners of this series purchased have both failed me that $$$ 8,500 AUD in 8 month ...

    Don't get me wrong. I have bought so many machines over the years and not lost one miner ... still have original L3+ running like new.

    How can Bitmain help me with purchasing replacement hash board for the first miner to start with as both miners are worthless in this manner

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