S19J Pro - ERROR_SOC_INIT: soc init failed!



    From the kernel log, It shows that the hash board can not be detected. please kindly exclude the issue by following steps:
    1. Check the wires for the hashboard--pull them and re-plug them again, and also you can try to change the new wires.
    2. Please clean up the dust.
    How To Clean and Dust The ANTIMINERS
    3.Flashing SD card
    If there are still problems after the above steps, please send the latest kernel log and miner status.
    We will double-check for you.

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    Dear Customer,
    If you have other questions please feel free to contact us.
    We recommend that you go to https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us, click Submit a request at the bottom of the website, and select the correct ticket type.
    We will reply to your question as soon as possible.

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    Hello, i have exact same problem, tried to clean, switch cables, change PSU. If i disconnect hashboard, miner works well on remaining 2 ones. Also, i'm unable to find recovery image for Amlogic micro-USB board. Please send me this firmware to i4itoff@gmail.com, i'll try recovery procedure.

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