Z15 reboot every 2 minutes (temp is normal! )



    And one more important thing please!

    Hash board Z15 has different Mhz 800 or 811 or 815 etc.

    When hashboard has 815Mhz it heats faster than hasboard 800Mhz.

    When you place Hashboard815 from Chain#0 to Chain#1 it comes 800!!! And it comes colder.

    Even if you reinstall the firmware Hashboard anyway always will be 815 on Chain#0 and it always will be 800Mhz on Chain#1. Even if you replace firmware through SD. So i got the question What the hell?:) Does the firmware change do not do any control board breake? As initialize new hashboard.

    So i tried replace Hashboards and figure out which position do all three board has 800Mhz. And I know how to replace Hashboards so they works as 815Mhz all of them and gets wormer. It's kind of strange firmware working. Guess we need new version of Firmware.

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    Dear customer.

    Please send us the newest Kernel log and miner status screenshot.

    To ensure the security of your information, please send the newest kernel log in text form.(Please don't copy and paste here,it's not safe.)
    Please check the below link for How to copy kernel log into text form
    We will check and help you.

    Here is some information you may need.

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    Dear Customer,
    If you have other questions please feel free to contact us.
    We recommend that you go to https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us, click Submit a request at the bottom of the website, and select the correct ticket type.
    We will reply to your question as soon as possible.

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