Biitmain repair never will repiar and now even not sending machine back to us



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    Hello, please contact CS at for more details, thanks.

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    17 days passed since Bitmain said the replacement is sending us.

    Including their fixing time this time is more than a month.

    If counting from the first day we report the dead on arrival,

    it is more than 3 months.

    Spending like 10k usd buying Bitmain miner came dead, and $6k usd for repair,

    until now, nothing is repaired or sending us back.
    We have sent them the machine 3 times, every times of course they said it is "repaired", this time even worst, not even sending back to us...


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    Hello, could you provide the ticket id?

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    Hi Linda,
    This the 5th time I gave Bitmain support the ticket #, I contacted support at least 20 times already after you told it is shipped one month ago.

    Every time telling me checking or the saying the shipment was on the way.

    Yes, on the way one month ago even tracking clearly told it is not even shipped, or we called 

    Fedex. Fedex told us you guys Bitmain lied, we Fedex did not receive anything,

    How could a company treat a customer like this?

    Ticket #
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    Hi, Lisa will deal with it  in ticket id#726697

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