T17e is_temp_sensor_type_correct: Wrong temp sensor



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    Hello, we can't help resolve it remotely, please send it back to repair center for further check.

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    Hi Linda, thank you for yourt feedback. I've seen in other thread that this type of error could be solved by flashing the machine with a recovery OS. Can't we try that? Have you got a firmaware that I can use to flash the firmware?

    I am based in France, do you have any repair center near that location?

    Best Regards


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    Hi Antonin, you can try to sd card flash it using the document downloaded in the page below:


    But according to the kernel it's possible that it still can't be repaired through this method.

    For France customers, it's suggested to send it to HK site for repair, we don't  have any official site in Europe.

    Please  note don't use HK post or EMS to send the unit to HK site, or the package won't be able to be delivered to the repair site.

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    It is a bit strange that all the temp sensors are bad... Is it a problem with the PSU or the cards itselves?

    I can try maybe to isaolate the problem by wiring only one card at the time...?

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