S19j pro 104th flashing with wrong firmware for s19j pro


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    Hi Bitmain support, we are having the same problem after following instruction from your support team. 

    The S19j Pro (7007) SD card recovery package is actually the S19j (not Pro) package.  Both "update.bmu" checksums are identical in these packages.  YIKES!

    Please send the correct S19j Pro 100T (7007) recovery to niftyframes@protonmail.com

    Also, please pull and re-publish the correct SD recovery package "Antminer-S19j-Pro-Release-sd2nand-zynq7007-20210605.zip".  This problematic package has been posted since 2021-08-26.

    Our S19j Pro is unable to mine until this is resolved.  All three reset options _do not_ restore the factory firmware.  We are unable to upload the "Antminer-S19j-Pro-release-202106281212.bin" using the Web GUI because the miner thinks its a S19j (not Pro).  Web GUI refreshes without upload confirmation.

    This is an urgent matter for your clientele.

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