How to Download IP Reporter and Use it to Find IP



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  • Martin Stas

    Hey author, thanks for sharing this tutorial on downloading and using IP reporter to find mine rIPs. It's super helpful, especially for those dealing with miners in DHCP mode. Your step-by-step instructions are clear, and the precautionary notes are a nice touch.

    I've been in some tight spots where the miner's DHCP mode turned IP tracking into a real head-scratcher. The download link you provided is handy, and the compatibility details for Windows XP, Win7, and Win10 are good to know.

    Here's a suggestion to jazz up your tutorial: throw in some troubleshooting tips for the everyday snags users might hit. It'll sprinkle a bit of wizardry and make the guide way more user-friendly. After all, who needs a tutorial that doesn't prep you for the curveballs? Based on my experience, having a troubleshooting section has saved me a lot of time in similar situations.

    Anyway, solid work.Thank you!

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