S19j/S19j Pro control board program recovery (SD card flashing )




  • Nifty Frames


    DO NOT INSTALL the S19j Pro SD card recovery package.  It has BRICKED our miner!

    • Antminer-S19j-Pro-Release-sd2nand-zynq7007-20210605.zip (file size 26.87MB)
    • S19j Pro SD firmware for 7007 control board only (published 2021-08-26)

    This package is identical to the S19j package.  We have compared and match both packages' "update.bmu" file checksums.  Your miner will not be able to detect hash boards, reset to factory default firmware, or update to the Antminer-S19j-Pro-release-202106281212.bin firmware.  Effectively rendering your equipment useless.

    Bitmain support, please send the correct S19j Pro 100T (7007) recovery to niftyframes@protonmail.com

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  • LukaMuka

    My miner has a USB MINI connector like u see on Android phones (NO MMC SLOT)

    why would u implement something ODD and thats super rare and HARD to find


    one would need a ANDROID PHONE SD CARD READER with MINI USB connector (NOT even USB type C)


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  • Stycks

    So, I am trying to recover several machines that came out of the box with factory firmware installed. They all just so happen to be the Amlogic A113D Control board. Where is the correct firmware for these boards? All I see is 7007 and IO_BB only on the firmware page. Am I missing something here?

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  • Sunpilot

    Good time!

    New design page https://service.bitmain.com/support/download?product=Flashing%20SD%20card%20with%20image don`t have SD Card firmwere

    Please send me s19J pro sd  recovery firmware for bb control board to sunpilot@icloud.com 

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