How to connect E3 to Antpool




  • baba natsumi

    i cannot setup!!

  • Mikecho1022

    It doesnt work.

  • jtby22

    "fill in worker sub-account.worker ID name, for example  antminer.1" does not work. It causes "error" to display in local miner status, and shows no activity in antpool dashboard.  I sent a note to support, and they just keep sending me a link to these instructions.  

  • Timd3000

    it seems to have issues with connecting to ant pool. my machine locally says it is hashing but antpool has it listed as "inactive". 

    many reboots now. 

    i'm thinking f2, or dwarfpool may work better. 

    bu hao!

  • Sean Scott

    I'm also having issues connecting to Antpool and remaining connected and hashing.  Will show active after 10 minutes, then minutes later becomes inactive, but physical miner is still showing active and hashing.   The Anonymous configuration seems to work, but my payouts are stuck in a status "paying".  I only have one transaction showing as "paid".  Something is off about these E3 machines.  They seem buggy like the horrible D3 machines.

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