How to create repair ticket under “apply for parts”

1.Please go to our official website click the profile to login:

And enter your username and password to login. If you don’t have a Bitmain account, please click “Sign Up” to create one. 


2.After login, proceed to “Support” page and select “Create Repair Ticket”. You will enter the page to create a repair ticket.


  1. Click on “Create Repair Ticket” followed by “Apply for parts”



Mark for Details

  • Make sure you are on the English operation page;
  • Repair Site: Please select a repair center. HongKong is available for clients from all over the world; US-CA Newark/ US- WA is only available for US clients; Russia-Irkutsk is only available for Russia clients.
  • Please enter correct parts as communicated
  • Please also ensure you input the correct address to avoid lost packages.
  1. After submitting, you will see a page as below, which means that you have created a ticket successfully. The status of the ticket should be “Pending”.
  2. Copy the Repair Ticket ID and reply to us as instructed in your support ticket and wait for approval.
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