V9/Z9 Mini Control Board Program Recovery

This method applies to the following situations:

  • The miner is power-off in the upgrading process.
  • The miner cannot start (cannot find IP).
  • The miner can only use the default factory workers.

Prepare before you go:

  1. Computer with Windows XP system or above
  2. Card reader
  3. SD card with less than 32G storage
  4. Download the V9 firmware to computer in advance here: 


    Find your miner on the left sidebar and click to access the firmware file. 

  5. Download the image and unzip it:https://service.bitmain.com/support/download  Go to the left sidebar and click Flashing SD card with image >> Tools and Instructions to Image SD card. The files will appear. Select the file for your miner. Note that Z9 mini uses the V9 file. 

First, copy the program.

  1. Install the SD card to the card reader, and then connect it to the computer.
  2. Format the SD card
  3. Copy the extracted file to the SD card, and take it out.

Second, please put the SD card into the control board.

  1. Power on the miner after installing. The signal light besides the internet port will stop blinking if the program is copied well to the control board.
  2. Power off in one minute. Then take out the SD card.

Third, restart the miner.

Please uncheck “keep setting” and reload the firmware. Load either the V9 or the Z9 mini firmware according to the type of miner you have. Please refer to the website below for the video about how to upgrade the firmware https://youtu.be/iFQ_0P3USBs



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