Can't connect to the Internet or find IP of miner




  • Martin Stas

    Hey there. Dealing with miners and IP issues can be a real headache, I feel your frustration. Your detailed troubleshooting steps are a lifesaver.

    For the first issue, I once had a similar problem with DHCP. Make sure the DHCP service is indeed active; it caught me off guard once. Also, MAC binding caused me some trouble, so disabling that might be the key.

    Your advice about checking the UART port and network coverage for the second problem is spot on. It's crazy how a seemingly simple thing like IP pool coverage can be overlooked.

    As for the third and fourth issues, network restrictions and port closures can be tricky. I once spent hours figuring out a whitelist problem. Your suggestion to consult network engineers is gold.

    Lastly, the tip about resetting the miner when changing locations is handy. It saved me once when I couldn't trace the IP. Keep up the great work, and remember, mining is like a puzzle – every problem solved is a piece in place.

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  • Jafonzo

    Thank you very much, your response has been very helpful

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  • bikram kumar

    Hey there, i am dealing with some problem all of sudden miner stop giving hashrate and after 5 sec red light and green light lit up together for 2 sec, after that both light turned off for 5 sec and again both lit up. this cycle is continue happening. please suggest what should i do? model name is S19J pro+ 120Th with BB control board.


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