Connect Antminer X3 to Pools_Anpool




  • Rossm_2002

    Yes, I do have the problem with the lower hashrates, but that is due more to the mining pool you are using having a max transfer.  For instance it only mines 23,940.0 H/s for ETN on a mining pool.  I've had better luck pointing it at ports that are used for High End hardware, or NiceHas/farm settings.  You will note that they have a higher starting difficulty.  USually that transmits to being able to handle the hash sending it.   Yeah I know XMC is stable and returns you that $15 dollars a day, but I'm getting better return mining on other coins.   

  • AloisLIEN

    Thank you Andre for sharing. Come on Telegram group if not done yet ;) Welcome :)

  • Andre

    just joined. 

  • Jerome



    how to connect on miningpoolhub on Electroneum?

  • Jerome

    which URL to configure?


  • AloisLIEN


    Set up like this:


    - workerlogin (look at "Workers" in "MY ACCOUNT")

    - worker Password

    Don't forget to define your Payment address in "Wallet" in "MY ACCOUNT".

  • Jerome

    thanks but don't worhk : status= Dead


  • AloisLIEN

     Come on the telegram group. Some users have currently difficulties with this pool. Maybe it's just temporarily.

  • Jneal

    While I am able to connect, I have a very high discard rate. My "accepted" rate is 1/10 of my "discard" rate, which seems to drive very low shares rewarded. Any idea why this might be happening?

  • AloisLIEN

    Bitmain is not ready dude. It seems like beta version. We are discussing on the Telegram group about other coins, others pools ...

  • Paul P Coady


    Discarded is not important. Rejected is what matters. Your miner is working fine. 

  • Paul P Coady

    Awesome Andre!

    Now we have two coins with a future, XMO/C and BCN.

  • Paul P Coady

    In the meantime Bitmain just keeps selling X3 to suckers like us. If Bitmain was a reputable company (not a company that steals cash and runs) they would stop selling X3 and give us suckers some chance at getting our money back. The hash rate on all these coins is exploding.

    They ripped us off and just keep pouring fuel on the fire at every opportunity.

  • Jneal

    I'm officially going on the record that I've gotten the X3 to work. I'm currently mining ETN on Hashrate is being recognized at north of 250KH/s. I found stripping off the stratum+tcp:// off the connection prefix helped the "dead" connection results. still shows ETN as being the most profitable.

  • Efoks

    try flooding the CEO of Bitmain twitter account with complains



    @Andre, What is per day profit with ByteCoin on this pool


    @Paul P Coady


    Yesterday I received my Antminer X3 , Can you please help me , 

    Which pool should I join ?

  • Tahaal

    good morning again 


    one of the coin you could mine is DERO getting approximately 16$/day.


  • virgiliuioanistrate


    How exactly did you set up the miner ???

    Thank you !!!

  • Arkadiy Matviyenko

    Hello Guys,

    Did anyone had an issue with Antpool where hash rate is almost 0 in antpool, but miner showing higher hash rate than it should? 

    I just got my X3 and for some reason when I log in to it via IP it tells me that my hash rate is 400kh/s !!! Board 1 is running at 240 kh/s, board 2 and 3 at around 80 kh/s. It does not make cense to me why miner thinks that his hash rate is so high. Miner is not overclocked and it runs at default frequency . 

    When I connect to Antpool using 

    Antminer tells me that pool 1 and 2 are alive, when I log in to antpool I can see that the worker is active, but my average hash rate for 5 hours of work is 49 h/s !  So I mine only 0.00025 XMC in 5 hours
    Did anyone else had same issue? How did you solve it?
  • Tristan

    Actually there are several cyptonight coins you can mine...Bytecoin is one of them.  Dont use the max speed port especially if its listed as Nicehash..use the 5555 port not 8888.  Also set the difficulty to 13,200,000 or 6,000,000 .  Depending on the pool you do this by adding that number at the end of your wallet address ( on the worker name line).  Some need a +13200000 and some use another convention.  Read the pool settings to see which .


    I was mining from day one of receiving my X3..i gave up on nicehash and antpool quickly as clearly the Cryptonight 7 wont work with it..  I have been mining Bytecoin mainly and Karbo.  Bitmain are reputable and they dont sell shite...but probably they dont mind if you dont push the difficulty level up so fast for a few days.  Bytecoin makes USD 50/day

  • Daveorn

    Tristan. on Bytecoin how are you finding the url to mine with? I setup a wallet and cant seam to find the address to mine with. Thanks for posting I am glad some one is making money. 

  • Cassie

    We use BW pool to do the mining and not bad till now. You can try as well. If you have any question, welcome to ask me. My email address: :)

  • Daveorn

    Update. I did hear from Bitmain last night ( well my night their day) I found they were fast to respond to me email, I do have to say I was a bit scared reading everyone's post were saying they were not talking.  I will post what they did to say to me. I think it was way passive but at lest I got an emai. The big question here.. Please bear with me. I dont want to mine XMC coin, If anything I would like to mine ETN, BTC,BCH or LTC... If any one had mined those with the x3 and could point me in the correct direction it would thank you very much. I did fallow the email that Bitmain sent me and I am mining XMC. I don't have a wallet for it yet, but I will get one. What I am finding and maybe everyone here will get a kick out of me. but you have to have 100000 accounts to mine and move coin around. I love the Ideal of nicehash! One account and one walet. Love love love love it. I can use my GPU rig. and was deeply wanting to use my Antiminer with them to. I dont care at this point who I mine with just love the all in one place ideal. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. 


    Dear Daveorn,

    Thanks for your consultation!

    Our miners have been designed and tested to mine specific Cryptonight currencies. It can be used to mine some other Cryptonight coins as well but we cannot guarantee the performance or efficiency.

    The X3 can mine XMC and it does not support XMR currently.
    Bitmain recommends Antpool and poolin. Please refer to their sites for more info:
    If you want to mine on Antpool, please make sure you have the right URL:

    Please read this article for how to connect X3 to Antpool:

    If you are mining on other pools, please consult with customer service from other pools. If the miner’s status looks good but the hashrate in the pool is low, please consult with the pool customer service and inform them to set the target to at least 0xFF070000.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

    Best regards,

  • Rayan Pharman Pars

    antminer x3 miner Monero OR monero classic ?

  • AloisLIEN

    Daveorn Come on the telegram group, don't become mad here ;)

  • Daveorn

    Thanks. I would love to join. I click on the link and it say not such chat... can you email it to me?



  • Daveorn

    antminer x3

  • Daveorn

    I do have an update... I am mining with nicehash now... I am not sure that is it working 100% I have nothing in my accepted.. but take a look if anyone wants to see. any advice would but thankful. 


  • Rayan Pharman Pars

    how i can calculate XMC profit with antminer x3?

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