Connect Antminer X3 to Pools_Anpool




  • Paul P Coady

    Waste of time. Lost a days mining for 14 DCY or $0.01

    Actually didn't even earn anything because the amount didn't pass the payout threshold.

  • Bikesunlimited

    Anybody had any feedback from Bitmain regarding the wallet issue?  


    i so dont no ......why ther dont want to reply on wallet......


  • Pol239


    reading support about A3 set up, it looks like there was the same problem about not being able to set up a wallet in early february....Bitmain responded that they were working on it .... I seems to be an early days issue only....

  • Tahaal

    so no updates ?

  • AloisLIEN

    Still no update from Bitmain. Last days, I spammed their support tickets, their Twitter account and their support email... This morning, I tried their chat, but same result: no result, no answer, nothing.

  • Tahaal

    i hope its because of a holidays they have, tomorrow should be a new working day for them.


  • AloisLIEN

    I hope too, but I don't think so. I spoke with them hours ago on their chat:


    07:57:28 AM)Aloïs LIEN
    I'm very disappointed by your behaviour about its product Antminer X3. I receveid 4 X3 last week, and still today, I cannot mine on Nicehash Cryptonight server! What happens?
    Furthermore, Bitmain doesn't answer to our questions (I say "our", cause every customer becomes mad with this Antminer). No support at all! Look at comments under the guide "Connect Antminer X3 to Pools_Antpool". It's amazing! No one answer from Bitmain.
    I know that Monero did a fork, ok, but why cannot we mine other coins than XMC (as DynastyCoin, Bytecoin ...) on Nicehash on the Cryptonight server? It smells the scam!
    Is the antminer X3 really a scam?

    (08:01:23 AM) *** joined the chat ***
    (08:03:41 AM) hi sir, i'll look through your query, please wait

    (08:04:17 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Thank you, cause for now, I've no answer to my tickets and comments.
    (08:05:46 AM) Aloïs LIEN: neither on Tiwtter, that's why I come on this chat.

    (08:06:07 AM) ok sir, i'll help with it
    (08:06:25 AM) The Antminer X3 is designed to mine cryptocurrencies using the hashing algorithm CryptoNight.

    To learn about the performance of the X3 to mine a certain CryptoNight-based cryptocurrency after a planned “hard fork” of that cryptocurrency, please check the required details of the particular hard fork to understand what effect the hard fork will have, if any, on performance of the machines being used to mine that cryptocurrency.

    Unfortunately, considering the unpredictability of consensus among any cryptocurrency community, especially those concerning hard forks in a globally used cryptocurrency, we cannot say with certainty what may or may not be the result of a hard fork.

    Cryptocurrency mining is a risky investment because it is subject to the above changes and changes to the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. We advise all our buyers to research these factors well and deliberate well before buying.

    If you face any issues with your order or miner, please feel free to submit a new ticket with the “Ticket Type” and “Product or Service” that most closely represents your issue. This ensures that you receive a timely response from the Bitmain team that is best equipped to resolve your issue or answer your queries.
    (08:06:33 AM) please look through it sir

    (08:07:09 AM) Aloïs LIEN: I know that sir.
    (08:08:41 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Each time, it's the Bitmain answer? Doesn't work. There was an hard fork with XMR (Monero), ok. Logical we cannot mine it with X3, BUT why cannot we mine other coins which use the last algorithm?

    (08:10:05 AM) sir, failing sorry for it, i cannot reply u on this query, u may open a ticket , my colleague will deal with it

    (08:10:14 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Oh ok
    (08:10:34 AM) Aloïs LIEN: I already opened 4 tickets, sir!

    (08:10:36 AM) sorry sir, is there anything else i can help u?

    (08:11:20 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Yes, please tell your colleagues to answer and communicate about this issue. It's very important for Bitmain reputation.
    (08:12:07 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Maybe Bitmain is not ready with X3. It happens. In this case, tell it to your 1rst batch customers. Respect them. Thank you.
    (08:12:25 AM) Aloïs LIEN: Have a nice day.

    (08:12:43 AM) ok sir, have a nice day~
    (08:15:15 AM) *** left the chat ***

  • Tahaal

    lets wait to find an answer but its all waste of time.


    i was mining all cryptonight coins non of them works

  • W Kolia2311

    Guys. You can mine Electroneum on miningpoolhub until they fork on 30 May. 

    I started already.

    And after that, Get a chunk of forked coins :) lol

    (Seems like they like forking to make new coins ;) [Just the cycle of life])


    I contact Nicehash and this was there reply:



    Hi I would like to know why my Antminer X3 appears as a worker but Nicehash is not picking up any hashing from it. All the chips are fine and I just connected my miner today. Kindly assist.
    2018-04-30 19:44:36
    Dear NiceHash user! Please note that there are currently over 51.000 workers connected to Cryptonight stratum server. By knowing that, you can conclude that the problem is not with us. There must be something wrong with the X3 miner, since it’s not compatible with us and unfotunately there is nothing that we can do about it. We encourage you to contact Bitmain and ask them why the X3 miner is not working with NiceHash. Also, we would like to point out that Bitmain did not send us any miner prior to the release so that we could test it in our labs and make sure that everything is compatible with our settings. Kind regards, NiceHash Team
    2018-04-30 21:08:49
    But Nicehash did have the X3 on the 'tested' list? I will enquire with Bitmain as well as to why it does not mine with Nicehash. Just as a confirmation, The Antminer X3 is supposed to mine Nicehash right?
    2018-05-01 10:50:46
    X3 is supposed to mine Cryptonight algorithm. Our stratum protocol is a bit different than X3 miners that is why there are problems with connecting it. Kind regards, NiceHash Team
    2018-05-01 11:06:49
    Hi Does that mean that it is impossible for me to mine with the X3 on Nicehash? Or does it mean that if I input the right settings I can mine on NH? Sorry for the inconvenience.
    2018-05-01 12:48:31
    At the moment, it is not working on NiceHash. Bitmain needs to change their protocol to match ours. Kind Regards, NiceHash Team
    SO... We need Bitmain to do something now (While profitability is still high at least)
  • AloisLIEN

    @W Kolia2311  Thank you for your miningpoolhub tip ;)

    Regarding Nicehash, yeah, we need Bitmain to do something now, but they communicate very bad. No answer to our questions ...

  • Paul P Coady

    It appears that soon XMC will be the only coin we can mine. Even if Antpool accepts a wallet, considering the amount of miners sold by Bitmain and the lack of any trade volume in XMC, the economics of mining this will probably be negative soon. 

    I think it is fair to say we have been ripped off by Bitmain. Especially those of us that paid a premium to get miners early only to be dicked around by Bitmain.

    It is disgraceful that Bitmain is still selling these to suckers despite knowing they will soon be worthless.

    The only winner here is Bitmain.


    Dear Jamie,

    Thanks for your consultation!

    You can mine XMC in Antpool, please kindly follow instructions here. 

    Below is the server address of Antpool:

    We will support wallet configuration before May 5th, and before that all XMCs that you are mining will be stored in your balance. 

    Note: we only support PPS payment method, if your payment method is PPLNS, please kindly change it back to PPS.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

    Best regards,

  • AloisLIEN

    @PAUL P COADY Follow W Kolia2311 's advice above. It works.

    @DEVA KUMARRAN ANAND KUMAR At least, whe have now a date for the wallet, but as Paul says, we have great chances that XMC is a shitcoin.

  • Pol239

    Thank you all for sharing.

  • Tghiggins

    Somehow I think it's over for XMC.  The price is beginning to look like the heart monitor when the patient dies.  Horizontal straight line with very little price movement now while all other cryptos continue move in price.

  • Jneal

    I couldn't get XMC to work. Site said it wasn't supported. I'm really disappointed. While I'm not one of the $12K buyers, I just lit a match to $2K that I didn't need to. I just got word from customer support that XMC is the only supported coin, and AntPool won't even let me add an XMC wallet to mine it. Monero went to a lot of work to do a hard fork. They didn't need to.

  • diego.torres.lopez

    Hello friends,

    anyone of you had found a good coin to mine with X3? All of us are very worry about it...


  • AloisLIEN

    Except Electroneum like said above, nothing :(

  • W Kolia2311

    You can mine XMC with as well but returns are still currently better mining Electroneum.

    Their wallet works works and You can get paid straight to, They also payout every 8 or 24 hours :?

  • Rossm_2002

    The X3 works by mining coins with the original CryptoNight algorithm.  As of today, it is still not working on NiceHash with the latest firmware from April 12 2018 on the X3.  It connects just fine stratum+tcp://, but Rejects all the shares.    There are plenty of coins to mine directly, but yeah they bounce around a lot in value rather than just setting and forgetting it with NiceHash.  Between Bitmain, and NiceHash, they need to figure this out.  I pulled all my S9s off NiceHash in protest if Ive got to directly mine to a pool, then I will do it with all my cubes.


  • Tweeresi

    @AloisLIEN or anyone else, I tried all of the pools above but found that the hast rate was a lot less than the 220 kh/s that was promised, also a lot of shares are being discarded. Has anyone found a solution to this?

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  

  • Paul P Coady

    Don't worry about discarded shares. Only worry about rejected shares.

    I am finding the same problem with reported hash rate.

    XMC is the safest option. The price has stabilised with low volatility and is easily mined on Antpool. The hash rates reflect that reported by the miner. You can exchange it on and Antpool should accept wallets soon. You can still mine it without a wallet linked.

    You won't get the bullshit returns in the marketing but you will get about $15 a day which is better than kick in the nuts.

  • Tweeresi

    Paul thank you for your help. It is unfortunate that Bitmain could not stay true to their word. I hope they will make things right. 




  • Tahaal

    thanks W Kolia2311 

    I managed to connect with  miningpoolhub pool mining Electroneum as W Kolia2311 said it works for the time.

    it's the best payout for the time that i found.


    good luck gents 

  • diego.torres.lopez

    We could join this telegram group to share knowledge:

  • AloisLIEN

    Good idea Diego, I joined. See you soon.

  • Jesseldow

    AloisLIEN - Did you say that you got Electroneum to work?  If so, how and what pool?

  • Preechakhanha Btc

    Jesseldow, please go if you need to mine ETN, works now.

  • Jesseldow

    Preechakhanha Btc - This worked!   It's nice to be mining Electroneum until they fork. 

    Thank you.  :)


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