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  • Ilyarein

    Hello guys! Can you mine with X3 on another pools, not the Antpool? 

    Share your experience, please.

  • AloisLIEN

    Still not. I'll try, but i would prefer to mine other coins than XMC (Bytecoin, Electroneum ...).

    Last news: it seems to finally work on Antpool (XMC). I keep you informed.

  • Burak Yilmaz



    is it normal that i still get so mich discards?

    Even in your example above you have so many aswell. I attached a screenshot of mine connected to antpool.

  • Burak Yilmaz

    Update: It seems to work on Antpool properly but still a lot of discards. The antminer is still not totally synced with the pool itself. I guess we are getting another Firmware update soon.

    NiceHash Support EN <>
    Fri 2018-04-27, 2:58 AM
    Please note that there are currently over 51.000 workers connected to Cryptonight stratum server.
    By knowing that, you can conclude that the problem is not with us. There must be something wrong with the X3 miner, since it’s not compatible with us and unfotunately there is nothing that we can do about it.
    We encourage you to contact Bitmain and ask them why the X3 miner is not working with NiceHash.
    Also, we would like to point out that Bitmain did not send us any miner prior to the release so that we could test it in our labs and make sure that everything is compatible with our settings.
    Best regards,
    NiceHash Team

    NiceHash | Largest Crypto-Mining Marketplace
  • AloisLIEN

    Ok Riddhesh.

    Just to be sure: among the 51.000 workers connected to Cryptonight stratum server, are there Antminers X3? Am I the first and only one to bother you with my Antminer X3's problems? ^_^

    I already asked explications to Bitmain.


    All the best (and thank you for your fast answer),




    I am new in mining and I ordered Antminer X3 - as my first miner.

    I email to ( nice hash regarding your question about 51 miner.

    I am expecting to receive my Antminer X3 between 1 May to 10 May. Can you please let me know what is current profitability per day for your Antminer X3 ?


  • AloisLIEN


    Ok sorry Riddhesh, i thought i was speaking to the support of Nicehash ^_^ So, once i get an answer from Nicehash support, I keep you informed.

    I'm in the same case as you (1rst miner ...). So to my mind, it's too soon to speak to you about profitability. I'm trying to find the best settings, and Bitmain/Antpool doesn't seem to be ready (see above the comment of Burak).

    @Ilyarein Maybe I made mistakes, but f2pool didn't work with me (status: dead).
  • Paul P Coady

    Been on Antpool for a day. 1000 kH/s recorded from 4 miners and no earnings recorded.

    It looks like Bitmain are just taking the coins for themselves. Nothing but time wasting from Bitmain support.

    How does Bitmain get away with this stuff? Doesn't China have any consumer protection at all????

  • AloisLIEN

    @Paul P Coady

    I was in the same situation as you, but since today, I see my XMC account balance (please look at attached picture). You have to change your pay method into PPS. I hope it will help you.




    I got an answer from Nicehash support, which confirms that Antminer X3 is currently not compatible with Nicehash! That's shit. I hope a future upgrade will fix that (BITMAIN, ANSWER PLEASE!).


    X3 miner is currently not supported on Nicehash. Cryptonight algorithm that X3 uses is a bit different than what we use. Also, we would like to point out that Bitmain did not send us any miner prior to the release so that we could test it in our labs and make sure that everything is compatible with our settings.

    Kind regards, NiceHash Team"

  • Paul P Coady

    Hi Alois,

    Payment method is default PPS. I never changed this.


  • Paul P Coady

    Nicehash was until recently displaying X3 as their top payout ASIC. I wonder who got it to work on Nicehash. My guess, a Chinese company starting with B.

  • AloisLIEN

    Unfortunately, you may be right Paul P Coady. What Nicehash concerns, find below an answer from Bitmain support:

    "If you are mining on other pools, please consult with customer service from other pools. If the miner’s status looks good but the hashrate in the pool is low, please consult with the pool customer service and inform them to set the target to at least 0xFF070000"

    I don't know what it means. It's beyond my level of knowledge. If you know what he speaks about with this target, please tell me.


    For PPS, I show you below the answer from the Bitmain support i got just before my dashboard works (this morning):

    "Dear AloisLIEN,

    Thanks for your consultation!
    Please kindly change your payment method into PPS so that you can see your earnings.
    Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

    Best regards,


    I've maybe another solution for you (let's try to find ourselves since Bitmain doesn't answer ...): I made a mistake when I set up my first Antminer X3 (on Antpool monitor). I had created my worker by naming him myself with my sub-account (for instance, "sub-account.001", "sub-account.002"), as guides for other Antminers explained it. But in fact, with Antminer X3,the name of the worker will be created automatically when you plug it! Morning, I saw 1/3 workers... I deleted the 2 inactive workers I created last days ("sub-account.001" ...) then my active worker took itself the name "sub-account.1". When I pluged my other Antminers X3 (received this afternoon), they named themselves "sub-account.2", "sub-account.3" and "sub-account.4". Sorry, my explanations are messy, but we have to try to get by;)



  • Burak Yilmaz

    Which wallet do you use?

  • Paul P Coady

    Good question Burak!


    "XMC No support for the time being"!!!!

    Getting a wallet is no problem with

    Geting XMC put into the wallet is the real problem!!

  • Paul P Coady

    This is a crap!

    Been mining for a week and Bitmain just keep taking the coins!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I keep changing the payment to PPS and Bitmain keep changing it back so i won't earn coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul P Coady

    I keep changing the work payment method. I delete the worker but Bitmain keeps putting it back to PPLNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHY WON"T BITMAIN SUPPORT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul P Coady

    Deleted sub-account and finally got earnings being recorded. No thanks to Bitmain support!

    Unfortunately the coins are being kept by Bitmain as there is no way of adding a wallet. In the meantime the price of Bitmain's XMC is falling like a lead balloon!!!

  • AloisLIEN

    At least, you found a solution for this first step. Gratz ;)

    I agree with you: this situation smells bad. Maybe Bitmain is mining on Nicehash, while they force their 1rst batch customers to mine the coin XMC on Antpool to raise it?

  • Tghiggins

    What daily $ amount are we now seeing with the X3?

  • AloisLIEN

    @Tghiggins: 0$

    We can mine only on Antpool XMC coin ... which is not listed. We can even not define a wallet on Antpool monitor >_> For instance, i've today 7 XMC on my account balance, but what can I do with that?

    No answer from Bitmain. It smells scam for now :/

  • Paul P Coady

    Alois, your hard earned 7 coins have just dropped another 30% today. Maybe you should have sold yesterday... oops I forgot you can't!

    I am really glad I paid $12,000 for the privilege of getting miners early only to waste a week with Antpool problems and no support from Bitmain. The icing on the cake is the privilege of now earning coins created by Bitmain that are dropping like a lead balloon and I can't sell.

    Next stage of this wonderful experience will be the collapse of XMC price when all the X3 miners are finally able to sell their coins.

    I hope someone from Bitmain is reading this.

  • Whatiskisa

    So I just got an email from bitmain, delivery next week. Should I plug n? Or just wait until fix?

  • Paul P Coady

    You can mine a coin that is falling like a lead balloon and no way to sell it! Think yourself lucky Whatiskisa. We paid a massive premium for the miners to be deliver one week earlier only to be dicked around for a week with nothing to mine.

    But of course no care or compensation from Bitmain. What a scam!

  • Paul P Coady

    The only positive thing I can say is that the X3 is massive increase in reliability over the A3 which stops more than it goes due to overheated chips. Really low current draw as well. Though the advantage of the A3 is that I get some Siacoin I can sell ("just" more than electricity costs).

  • AloisLIEN

    It seems that last night, there were modifications: my "1/4 worker" changed into "4/5 worker".

    There was no mining during 1 hour. I have the impression that Bitmain is doing tests, but does not communicate at all. In fact, first batch X3 buyers are beta testers. Shameful.

    For information, in one fully mining day, the 4 Antminers X3 mine about 5 XMC.

  • Deki

    Monero Classic down from $ 23 to $ 14 for 2 days. I think those ASICs for nothing can no longer be used.

  • AloisLIEN

    They should be used on Nicehash, to mine other coins using Cyptonight algorithm. I don't know what Bitmain is fuking doing.

  • Paul P Coady

    Just received an email from Bitmain support stating they will be sorting out the wallet problem soon. Probably just in time for Monday for the guys that bought the cheaper miners.

    Paying extra to get these early was really an advantage... NOT!

  • AloisLIEN

    Thank you for the information Paul.

    On the Antpool monitoring installed on my Android phone, I regularly have alerts, because antminers are slowing down. Have you installed the Antpool monitoring on your phone? If yes, have you the same alerts?

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