Can I use the Antminers at home?

First, you need to be aware of the Antminer’s power consumption and the load of wires.

Most Antminers’ power consumption is above 1000W. Let’s assume it’s 1600W in most cases. 


  • 4 ㎣ copper power wire safe load- 35A (8000W)
  • 6 ㎣ copper power wire safe load - 48A (10500W) 
  • 10 ㎣ copper power wire safe load - 65A (14300W)

Second, you need to be aware of the household appliances’ power consumption.

For example,

Air Conditioning 1.5 HP 3000W

Electrical water heater 3000W

Microwave 1000W

Rice cooker 800W

Heater 2500W

Drinking fountain 1200W

Electrical kettle 1500W

Third, please calculate the power consumption.

Please add up all the household appliances power consumption with the Antminers’ in your home. If the power consumption is higher than the safe load, you can’t use the Antminers at home.


Note: the sound is loud when the Antminer is running and you cannot stay in the same room as the miner. Please operate the miner in a place where the noise will not cause a problem.

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