HS code


Below are the HS CODE for your reference.

You may still need to contact your local authorities for double check the information.


HS CODE for exporting from Chinese customs:

Miner: 84715040.90
PSU: 85044013


HS CODE for EU countries:


APW3++, APW7: 8504405590

R1-LTC, R3-LTC, R3-DASH, R3-SIA: 8517620000

T9+, A3, V9, S9i, X3, B3, L3++, Z9 mimi: 8571500000


HS CODE for NON-EU countries:

S9,R4,T9,L3+, D3, T9+, A3, V9, S9i: 8471.50.0150

APW3++, APW7: 8504.40.6018

R1-LTC, R3-LTC, R3-DASH, R3-SIA: 8517.62.0010




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