High Temperature Protection Troubleshooting

When temperature is more than the maximum temp, the miner will stop working and needs to be powered off and restarted to work.

The maximum temp of different miners:

S9/T9:  135

D3/A3:  85

V9: 80

L3+:  90

T9+:  PCB: 95. CHIP:125

Before powering off and restarting, you need to check the high temp causes of the miner: fans do not turn,  or dust accumulation.
The following figure shows the high temp protection of miner:


Solution :

1. If fans are installed in reverse, please reinstall your fans.

2. Please check your fan. On the miner status screen there should be two fans detected

3. If your miner status screen does not display two fans running at normal speeds( ≤6000), please test the machine with a new fan to confirm which fan is defective.

4. If your miner is dust accumulation, please check this link for " Antminer Dust Cleaning Instructions" https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004520173-Antminers-Dust-Cleaning-Instructions

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