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  • Yobet
    • Greetings I have a problem and connect my Antminer A3 to your pool the team is connected to my board it comes out that I have 800 power of mining but it does not produce anything I would like to know why
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  • Emad Abusarhan

    I have the same problem and switched to another pool, one-day mining with zero earning

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  • Ad81yau

    I had the same problem that mining in SC in antpool without any mining payout! Please help!

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  • RayBLN

    I have the same problem please comment a Solution BITMAIN TEAM ! 

    Has anybody a solution ? or other possible POOL ?

    If i choose an other pool the A3 Miner says SOCKET CONNECT FAILURE.

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  • darek

    which pool did you change?
    how did you do that?
    please urgently for help

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  • RayBLN


    And from today 07.02.2018 it works without issues !

    Thanks for your consultation!

    Because Antpool SC financial system needs to be upgraded, temporarily, the dashboard can not show earnings.
    As long as your miner is working normally, we will record your earnings correctly in our system and send you altogether in future.
    You can't set SC wallet address for now, and we will restore it soon, please just wait patiently.
    Our antpool engineers are working day and night to improve our website and system, hope you can understand.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.

    Best regards,

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  • sohrabkhan

    My Antminer A3 arrived yesterday i.e. took 3 weeks to arrive. I've lost the time where you can generate good profit from it. And as soon as I connect it, it's got flashing red light. I've tried connecting it to all the pools (luxor, siamining, antpool etc) but it still flashes red light. It shows 2 asic chips and alot of  'xxxx'. Looks like Antminer did not test the device before they sent it. 

    It has in total costed me $4500. Cost of machine $3000. Taxes $1500. In a couple of weeks people are going to start receive Batch 2 which is 3 times cheaper.

    I've lost all of my money. I sent a ticket to Bitmain but it's not being answered. $4500 is a big deal for me as that's 4 months of my salary. I'm getting crazy thinking about the money I've lost.

    Why does bitmain do not check their devices when they send it? What's the next procedure for me? If I send the device tomorrow via DHL how soon can Bitmain send me a replacement? Why am I not receiving any replies to my ticket?

    Please help!

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