S9: Socket Connection Failed




  • kevinlswan

    Good Morning,


    After doing some research i found this.  My question, do you upload the package the same way you upload the firmware?  If so, I get an error.  Any help would be appreciated..

  • Eddieclsfx

    hi, all my miner was experience the same issue as socket connection failed in the same time, what should i do? why was this happen?


  • Phongdien070714

    Hi, my miner is L3+ and it also have same problem, so what can I do?

  • Megahaphap

    the same problem with L3+, sept. batch

  • Barbara

    There are a number of possible reasons for the "Socket connection failed" message. Please submit a support ticket so that we can help with troubleshooting. 





  • congminh


    Socket kết nối không thành công: Connection refused giúp tôi giải Quyết vấn đề này



  • Tomas R.

    Hello, people. I spend 24 hours of my life, but I'm found - it's definitely problems in network configuration about Socket connection filed error. DHCP working very terrible of antminer (sometimes 1 success  DHCP connection per 1 hour. use in w10 cmd arp -a, not need to scan ip), and me and you mostly chosen static IP in antminer configuration with laptop or etc connection to Internet. Play with network setting of antminer, laptop or modem, somewhere mistake there. Check result in antminer network utility (ping, trace, lookup) in webconsole. 

    Problems started again, when I'm used nicehash pool. Now I'm switched off blades and fans, waiting for DHCP will release new ip :)) I will to try change pool.

  • Tomas R.

    When you plug-in cable of antminer into Ethernet card of pc, you got IP like 169.* of card. When you share your Internet connection for this card, Ethernet card changing IP from 169.* to, and after only antiminer getting new IP like 192.168.137.*. Now working IP reporter and access to miner through webconsole.
    When you changing pool setting of antiminer, afther apply option you got error socket connection failed. Afther you need to manualy clean ethernet card setting about and netmask ip, set 'obtain ip auto', close. Open Wi-Fi adapter setting, uncheck share connection. Close. Open again, and check share connection... and bingo, antminer working :D
    It's crazy, and not professional solution, but it's working :D Later I will dig deeper :)

    If my answer helped to you, you can say "thank you" to 1Md139iQSdqVKke4GUa4yq5n9ZK4VuXNjZ in BTC :)

  • Tomas R.

    I think I'm found problem. Problems name - QoS sheduler in cards properties. After unsticked looks much betters...

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