Why is the status of the repair ticket still uncollected?




  • vincent

    why is my repair order status still uncollect? my DHL shipment say already delivered, and person collect is Michael FU.

  • allancovers

    Hello! I have tow repair orders that are still uncollected 

    This is the information

    1. Tracking Number 728681389840 ID Ticket 03320170403142200687v4GD1V5T063A and Date 2017-04-03 14:22:00

    2. Tracking Number 728681389163 ID Ticket 03320170324153558773a6Lpi6tT06BF and Date 2017-03-24 15:35:58

    Thanks a lot

    Allan Cover

  • vincent

    hello andy Niu, today 22 jun already i check my repair ticket status still uncollected.,lastweek monday 12Jun Delivered,Signed for by: MICHAEL FU..when my antiminer T9 will be collected?my repair ticket ID : 03320170607141510316CyAy6C9j0685, tracking NO. 7017009856..can Andy Niu help me check please.. TQ bitmain

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