How many outputs on the new power supply-APW5?

The APW5 is the most advance Bitmain PSU to date and can run two miners at once if the miners' combined power requirement is less than 2600W. It has 7 connectors but can be fitted with 14 or 20 PCiE connectors.

You may find more details about APW5 as below,

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    Sulistyant Adi

    whether it be for 2 psu antminer unit l3 +?
    if you can, what with the 6 pin socket which only amounted to 14, while each unit antminer l3 + requires 9x 6pin? so the total should be 18x 6pin.

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    Pavlos Loungis

    Can you run An Antminer S9 and L3+ off one power supply

    APW5 PSU

    The power seems to add up but do the connections for the both units make it possible

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    Is this APW5 safe for 2 D3 (1200W each)?

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