HS code problem while placing order

If you are customer from Canada, the HS code is needed when you are placing an order. It is required for the customs clearance.

You may reconfirm with your local customs or logistics agent such as DHL or UPS.

The HS code should be a number such as:84715040.90. You can complete the order when you fill this number.

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    Matavisual Studio

    what is the exact HS CODE for antminer? I need it to import them in my country..please help..thanks

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    Matavisual Studio

    ..  the custom and immigration in my country requires to know the international HS CODE for this particular item..so my question is : what is the HS Code for Antminer ...in other word, what is this Antminer Classified under? Could it be classified as server? a CPU? or other computational device

    I need to know and inform the HS code to my import company so that when they deal with custom and immigration, the products will pass the clearance.

    ..if the HS code doesn't match with the product (ie: HS CODE showing the item is a server, but proven that antminer is not a server), then the custom officer will not allow them to enter the country..


    Please help..

    thank you very much

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    What HSCode best suits HScode Bitmain antminer d3
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    Mo2men 2020

    what is hs Code For Antminer l3+  DHL.ship To egypt?

    Edited by Mo2men 2020
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