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  • Виталий Васильев

    Здравствуйте я заказывал у вас 2 майнера S7 , одна плата не рабочая я связывался по почте выяснили что действительно не работает одна плата путем отключения их от блока питания всё подтвердилось ,вот номер моего заказа на bitmain ( 0012016072500046) . Завтра вам вышлю тракинг номер моей посылки                             Hello I ordered 2 miner S7 , one Board not working I was contacted by email have found that really does not work one Board by disconnecting them from the power of all confirmed ,here's my order for bitmain ( 0012016072500046) . Tomorrow will send you the tracking number of my package .

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  • Fullidiot

    Где можно проверить по серийному коду мой битмайн?


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  • Martensbop

    For one month my Antminer L3+ worked without any problems. After that one day the hashrate dropped to 0. There was no power outage. The miner remained online and connected to the pool but it did not hash. I restarted the miner, changed the PSU with another one that came with my S9 November batch, updated the firmware, reseted the factory settings and nothing happened. I even powered it in a different place with a different router. I also tried connecting to different pools - I connect to all of them, but after I power the miner the hashrate starts from around 500MH and drops to almost 0. After I power the miner the fans start working extremely loud and after that they start working with power way below average mining sound. The red fault light blinks red. In the beginning all the hash boards show only "ooooooooo" but after 15-20 minutes "x" also starts to appear.

    After that I tested each hashboard one by one and let them work for more than 20 minutes. All the hashboards had red fault light blinking and the ASIC status was xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. There was not even one "o". After that I connected all the hashboards and let the machine run for 30 minutes. In order for me to check the hashboards I will need to dismantle the ASIC and there are stickers on some of the screws and I don't want to void the warranty.

    Can I dismantle the miner without voiding the warranty? I want to examine the hashboards before I ship it for repairs?

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  • Jose Abel Petaquero
    Mrs. BITMAIN, this is to report that after waiting so long
    for the ANTMINER MODEL D3 machine SN: DGCC71DAGAAAH0273, since its
    shipment on 2017-11-27 with the order 0012017081900059 and put into production on 2017-12-11
    I detect today that the equipment under its capacity to GH / S (avg)
    11,956.88 when its capacity is greater.

    When verifying Ip address the status of the miner identify that
    only chain 1 and 3 are operational where chain 2 is not operational
    check connections make the review card by card and the 2 no works
    so I request activation of the Warranty.
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