1. What is a Payout Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract (PACMiC)?

The PACMiC is a new value-added cloud mining service product from Hashnest. The PACMiC is an electronic contract structured in a new way. BITMAIN will pay all the maintaining cost of the mining rigs, and all the mining revenue will be used to pay back the PACMiC owners. When the principal is not fully paid back, it will share profit with buyers. When the principal is paid back, the mining rigs will belong to BITMAIN. Both principal and profit payments will be made to the contract holder based on the mining revenues of AntPool. Since PACMiC will not bear the maintenance cost, so the payout is accelerated.

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    Is this to say, as a buyer of a unit, I will have to use this PACMiC????

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