When does antpool pay out?

In principle, antpool sends the payment to users before UTC 10:00 per day.

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    hello, why you did not payed me in the last 2 days?

    should I change the workers in another pool... is a solution for me

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    Presenti Serj

    hello can have in stoc antminer l3+ ? 

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    how to change to weekly payment?

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    I have been mining for more than a week and my profits have never been transferred to my portfolio. I have at Antpool more than $ 117


    Please help as soon as possible



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    Felix Kozar

    Hello, why i dont receive my pay out today?

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            My user name is toyohamacorp@gmail.com and my sub account is FLUS I have a grup of miner working at the pool for litecoin the matter is Im a begineer and I put a wronw payment adress whick is:


          so yesterday I puted the right adress which is:




             and now I see the payment history and I can see an automatic payment I have not autorized were sent to this wrong wallet and now I dont know where is the litecoin payment, please help me to recover this payment. thanks.

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    hello..i read payout every day at 8-15...my balanc go to hight and neer send my wallet...what happand? thanks

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    Mark De Jong

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    I am mining LTC for last 5 days. Have reached minimum amount 3 days ago..... No payout since then even once !

    No replies to emails nor support tickets. No button to demand payout. What is going one here?

    I want my coins back BITMIAN...


    Now I quickly started to understand why 80% of expirienced miners says that you are the worst pool on this planet...

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