How to order and pay?




  • SorenSolution

    Send them support ticket, wait for them to reply and pray..... All you can do.

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  • ahmednofa2

    Is this statement not true: "When Bitmain will receive your wire, you will get email paid “BITMAIN Order Paid”."

    According to this statement my order should have been PAID. I sent the wire 5 minutes after I placed my order for the EXACT amount invoiced, but Bitmain now keeps telling me I have to pay an additional amount. I cannot get any help from "Bella" because she is being ridiculous. Please investigate this situation.
    Order ID : 0012017081802960

    Thank you

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  • awn layas

    can I make pre-order for the devices which coming soon on November ??

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  • Bami66

    Почему , когда я нажимаю «+» на странице покупки ничего не происходит? (0 + = 0)

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  • maryandnmail

    i am paid order 0012017081804515 ltc 18-08-2017. pls change status paying to paid

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  • Krzysztof A Kowalski

    Hi Bitmain,

    it seems I am just a one of many people trying to get your confirmation that the payment has been made. I have already uploaded the wire transfer proof for my order (order ID: 0012017082401763) and manged to open several tickets for your service desk. But the status still shows "Unpaid".

    Can you please fix this asap?

    I am just worried cause the order expires in one day...

    Thank you in advance,


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  • Ges42

    I paid with USD on Aug. 3, 2017.

    1. OrderID : 0012017080203142

    2. bank account name(sender name): sender name is LEE HONG IL .

    3. swift message : I forgot to send a message. However, the remittance has been completed.


    4. amount of payment : USD 1,926.74

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