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  • Philipp Black

    Hello, i buyed the Antminer D3 and i pay in time but it shows now expired,
    Order ID: 0012017072500791
    TransactionID: https://blockchain.info/tx/3442b201aaebe9df49b7d0c46ba64a53b93f5fcff13c427b74a5c578d53e695f

  • Rumpelstilskin

    Paid Order ID 2017-07-25 10:49:56 Order ID:0012017072501858 with bitcoin. Set high network fee for fast transaction. Order now shows Paid, Expired.

    Transaction Hash: 


    I had a call open with support about the interface not giving me a payment address for 2 hours.

  • Seanklee77


    Antminer D3 

    here is copy of my wire transfer.  they said it will be prob one to 2 days.  Today is 7/25/17 so it should be transfer by 07/27/17?  Anyway will post one more time when I see money transferred on my side.  Order #0012017072500538.  


  • phanquocthai

    I paid order 0012017071500132 in 7 days payment but my order is expired.

    No confirm until now.


  • Bill Motley

    This is what forums look like as the businesses die from failure to scale

  • Nikolay

    alexey630i, я вожу товар с Китая и доставить могу очень легко в обход таможни и различных сборов. Срок доставки занимает примерно 3 недели.

    У меня есть свои люди в Китае - если BITMAIN могут отправить к ним - но это будет вообще здорово.

    Я в ВК - vk com/RudnevNS

    Я очень хочу заказать майнер L3+ ну и блок питания к нему - но ни как не могу связаться с поддержкой.


  • Alexander

    In the presence of appeared miners, for purchase please contact anisovaleksandr1990@gmail.com

  • Alexander

    In the presence of appeared miners, for purchase please contact anisovaleksandr1990@gmail.com

  • David.V8
  • Infoteh21

    You can send an e-mail account 0012017072501843 with a stamp for sending to the bank. The bank does not make a payment without an invoice with a stamp. E-mail infoteh21@gmail.com


  • Jean-Pierre

    Are you out of stock or are you experiencing technical difficulties? I want to order but Im having a really hard time getting through.

  • Jean-Pierre

    Are you out of stock or are you experiencing technical difficulties? I want to order but Im having a really hard time getting through.

  • Alexander

    In the presence of appeared miners, for purchase please contact anisovaleksandr1990@gmail.com

  • Alexander
  • Seanklee77



    Looks like it shows my side bank that it has been paid.  Please check your bank and confirm you guys received my payment.  Thanks.  



  • Forjhgosselin

    I would suggest to calm down before crying scam

    Due to crypto crazy price rage, everyone wants miners

    I have bought miners from here and got what I paid for.

    Lately it takes longer to get an answer, took 3 weeks for me.

    So just calm down and wait patiently your turn

  • Bill Motley

    Their CS has always been MIA, but advertising products they can't ship is malpractice at minimum

  • Forjhgosselin


    Why do you think it says NEW BATCH COMING SOON ?

    Running out of a product and informing their clients their is a new batch on the way, is far from being malpractice.

    People need to chill and wait, CS always been slow here and now that crypto is selling like crazy, its worst, was to be expected. You should know better since it seems you have experience dealing with Bitmain in the past.

    I personally always received what I ordered from Bitmain.

    I think everyone should chill a little, Flooding CS with the same requests and emails over and over wont get anyone anywhere any faster

    My 2 cents

  • Michael Wray



    How often do they go out of stock? and when do they usually restock? You seem to do a bit of business with Bitmain and i am looking at purchasing one. How long does it usually take when you order one and are the PAID/UNPAID comments something that you have had to deal with before? If so whats the current turnaround on confirmation? I saw that you said in one of your posts that it took 3 weeks for them to address your issue, was this issue an unpaid status? I just seel all these people posting about this but they never update their posts saying that their issues were addressed 

  • Forjhgosselin

    Hello Michael,

    Since mining been rising so fast, I must say they are selling every new batch even faster then the others.

    If you pay in Bitcoin you get the PAID status a lot faster, my 2 last orders were Bank transfer wire and the last order took them close to 3 weeks get everything from unpaid to paid.

    Usually the issue is that their Bank fees was not covered, So they will send an email telling you how much was missing, that was my problem. But eventually everything was fix to my satisfaction.

    Everything that I paid with Litecoin or Bitcoin, was pretty fast, My advice is if you can, pay using bitcoins.

    But all and all, I always got what I have paid for and it usually ship within the time frame that I was told.

    You just need to be patient, even if the order says not valid, dont worry, I had that not valid with my last order and it was fix as soon as I sent the bank fees that wasnt paid.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask.





  • Belyakov Andrew

    hi, I want to buy a lot of miners, I want to offer you an international contract as a legal entity is not a resident of China, according to Incoterms, FOB, FAS, EXW, where can I see your standard contract? we can conclude via email before you meet in your office. I want to know where I will list large amount.

  • Josenr5

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017072700401,  11 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you

  • Mary NIU

    Mary NIU. Today at 08:10

    At 23:59 hours of 31st of July2017, we are going to be deploying 100 new Antminer S9 and 100 Antminer L3+ to cushion any unforeseen market instability that comes with the impending Bitcoin fork. This measure is being put in place to protect our miners investment and also preserve the trust you all have placed on us.

    The deployed 100 Antminer S9 and 100 Antminer L3+ miners will be removed from the network, decommissioned and auctioned off at a discount from 00:01 hours of the 4th of august 2017.

    Antminer S9 (including its PSU): 22 LTC
    Antminer L3+ (including its PSU): 25 LTC

    To take advantage of this opportunity; make payments to any of the following LTC addresses and post ur transaction ID here afterwards.


    For a speedy audit of auction winners, each address will only accept payments for 25 Miners.
    Note: Auction starts immediately. This is a first pay, first served auction, your payment will be refunded if your funds come after the first 200 payments.

    1. For an auction of 1 to 3 miners add 7 LTC to your payment.
    2. For an auction of 4 to 10 miners add 14 LTC to your payment.
    3. For an auction of 10 miners and above add 40 LTC to your payment.
    (To host the miners on the cloud, please don't include the shipping cost in your payment)

  • Seanklee77

    Mary NIU,

    Don't trust messages like MARY NIU message.  IT is so obvious that its a scam lol.  Good luck to whoever decides to send them a LTC with those address.  Hope hackers hacks your accounts.

  • Velukrr


    I have made a payment for the D3 miner and the paid bu USD wire transfer.

    But the status shows expired. 

    Attached payment proof for your reference.

  • Velukrr

    Please update or please revert how to revise the payment.


  • Jesada Gyoto

    Hi, 3/8/2017 I paid the order 0012017080304935 and it still appears unpaid.

  • Cletus

    Having problems with site 2 out of three times when trying to order the D3. Tried multiple OS's and ISP's. 

  • Arti Gupta

    hello you sent my order to somewhere else it got returned to you please check the real address to send shipments 

    Order ID:0012017060701113

  • BL Energy Group

    I did not understand, I ask you to comment


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