Ordering & payment process

NOTE : After the payment is made for USD wire transfer, please check with your bank first to confirm the status of the wire transfer. If the payments have been confirmed by your bank to have been received into our Bitmain bank account but the order still shows unpaid, please email us via our support desk with the Order ID, sender name and the swift message.

Before placing an order, you need to create an account. To create an account go to www.bitmain.com, click the down arrow next to the image on the upper right side of the page and select “Register”. Follow the screen prompts.


1)   On all product page, you can choose product you want by clicking the picture with your mouse.




2)   On the product page, you will find detailed information about product, price, and discount table. Also here you can choose amount of units or check if a Power Supply is needed. After you select quantity, you can proceed with pressing ADD TO CART and you will be transferred further. Please note to read [Notes] before your ordering on that page.




3)   On this page you confirm selected units by pressing Proceed to cart.



4)    On the cart page, you are accepting all terms checking "I have read....", and to proceed further you can press Checkout.




5)  On picture 5 you are inserting delivery address, by pressing New Address. Then select your country, Name and all requested information. By Selecting Shipping method – you can choose what courier you prefer to use for delivery. And then please press SUBMIT.





6) Order has been placed, and you will get a notification that ‘Order has been placed. Please choose payment method and submit within 30 minutes.’


(7) Next you need to select payment method– USD Wire, LTC or BTC. And then submit. If do not select payment method within 30 minutes, the order will be cancelled.

please note that webpage will not accept USD wire orders with amount less than 600$, for such amounts you can proceed only with BTC. And the payment method can’t be changed any more once you submitted.


If you do not choose payment method on the above page, you also can choose payment method in [my order] page via [pay] button within 30 minutes or otherwise it will be cancelled. And you also can click [view] button to view more order details.



(8) On this page, your order has been submitted successfully, please finish payment ASAP.

If you choose USD wire, you will get our bank details, and please finish actual payment within 3 days (The valid period of order for each batch will be a little different, the specific date on website should be as the criterion);

If you choose BTC/LTC payment, you will get BTC/LTC wallet address and you should finish actual payment within 1 hour;

ORDER ID is your unique code, which has all your information.

Payment method: USD Wire



Payment method: BTC/LTC





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    Send them support ticket, wait for them to reply and pray..... All you can do.

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    Is this statement not true: "When Bitmain will receive your wire, you will get email paid “BITMAIN Order Paid”."

    According to this statement my order should have been PAID. I sent the wire 5 minutes after I placed my order for the EXACT amount invoiced, but Bitmain now keeps telling me I have to pay an additional amount. I cannot get any help from "Bella" because she is being ridiculous. Please investigate this situation.
    Order ID : 0012017081802960

    Thank you

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    awn layas

    can I make pre-order for the devices which coming soon on November ??

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    Почему , когда я нажимаю «+» на странице покупки ничего не происходит? (0 + = 0)

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    i am paid order 0012017081804515 ltc 18-08-2017. pls change status paying to paid

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    Krzysztof A Kowalski

    Hi Bitmain,

    it seems I am just a one of many people trying to get your confirmation that the payment has been made. I have already uploaded the wire transfer proof for my order (order ID: 0012017082401763) and manged to open several tickets for your service desk. But the status still shows "Unpaid".

    Can you please fix this asap?

    I am just worried cause the order expires in one day...

    Thank you in advance,


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    I paid with USD on Aug. 3, 2017.

    1. OrderID : 0012017080203142

    2. bank account name(sender name): sender name is LEE HONG IL .

    3. swift message : I forgot to send a message. However, the remittance has been completed.


    4. amount of payment : USD 1,926.74

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