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  • Oleksandr Volkovych

    Hello. Please add Ukraine to list of countries

  • pcaballerot

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000254 EndHTML:000003597 StartFragment:000002738 EndFragment:000003520 StartSelection:000002738 EndSelection:000003514 SourceURL:https://bitmainhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221888028-Ordering-payment-process?page=7 Ordering & payment process – Bitmain

    • I have 20 Antminer D3 and 19 Antminer S9 with PSU
      Selling only 8 of each one, the deliveries are for October.
      The price for the D3 is 0.57 BTC or 54 LTC with PSU APW 3 ++
      The price for the S9 is 0.45 BTC or 47 LTC with PSU APW 3 ++
      Price includes shipping by DHL only
      Any equipment sold with PSU APW3 ++ (PSU is not sold separately, do not insist)
      Make the payment to the following addresses:
      BTC: 1Khoz7ZjFvcnZWk89hTddTUvcsdkh5pfse
      LTC: LUUs1oY157zK1KBuwtJ7NxtSYTK5YtRLgc
      - Send payment image.
      - Send full name.
      - Send shipping address.
      To the following address: pcaballerot@yahoo.com


  • maryandnmail

    hi. i am paid order 0012017081705960

    please change status unpaid to paid

    2017-08-17 18:11:21 UTC Ł66.20243885



  • Vitaliy Li

    I made order 2017-08-17 10:47:37 Order ID:0012017081702105 by BTC


    but status paying, but my transaction was Payed? can you confirm pls!

  • Bitmain Support

  • Arkadijs Stolbunovs

    Hello, i have paid for antminers D3 and status says Paid but expired what does that mean?

  • Themrpark

    I cannot pay with btc any more? There is no option to pay with BTC.

    When are you going to start accepting BTC again?

  • Bitmain Support


    You can pay with BTC please use this address!


    Please send us a screenshot of your order number


  • Greyworld

    Themrpark: beware of scams.  Just because someone says they are Bitmain support on this forum doesn't mean they actually are.


  • Kai999

    Please help me, Aug 7 I paid the order ID 0012017080304545 Ticket ID 108944 and upload bank transfer for proof and already send payment slip via email, and but it still appears unpaid and Expired. I'm very worried about losing money.


  • Greyworld

    Problem fixed.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • Greyworld

    Problem fixed.  Thanks Bitmain!

  • Ashot Iritsian

    I bring to your notice that I paid the invoice for a couple of days, or rather (2017.08.18) and you still have not accepted my payment! Solve this problem as soon as possible

    Order ID : 0012017081802892

    email: ashoti@mail.ru

  • Pedrom913


    Does anybody knows if I can pay with only one wire transfer, four orders.?



  • tan

    order : 0012017080301833 


    Payment on 4 August, until now still no respond. Order expired

    Email not responding.

    Please check


  • John
    Urgently selling AntMiner L3 + 504MHs price 1290 $,
    12 pieces per pack with power packs, Need money for pre-order Antminer D3
    Payment in BTC> LTC
    Send to anywhere in the world by the transport company DHL
    Communications bitmainoficial@gmail.com
  • miyamotojp

     Order ID:0012017081800139

    antminer D3 ,Payment was credited to my account but email confirmation was never sent,I paid from my HashNest wallet at 2017-08-18 00:54:44 UTC

  • Tokhir Tulaganov

    My dear support wehre are you? Where my product ?

    Order detail: 

    Order ID:0012017061800089 - "Antminer S9-13.5TH/s
    Shipping: 16-21 August" - tooday is 23 August !

    Payment detail: 2017-06-18 09:04:26

    Total Amount : 27.39600000 LTC

    Block : https://live.blockcypher.com/ltc/tx/804f1dc0429bdc353ce93d4fe8c8bec11bd2ca14a06516c55e9d18b5712a4781/
    2 months ago!

    Order status: "Paid" , "Unshipped"   

    Where product?

    Where support?

    Where DHL Logistics Number !?

    If you can not send the goods, please return the money.

  • Raymond 陈

    Order S9 on 2017-06-29 Order ID: 0012017062900454, yet until today still unpaid & expired. Their customers service aren't really helpful when they request addition information I had provided they still keep repeating asking the same thing.

  • Goldleo17

    someone buy it??

  • John
    В присутствии Antminer L3 + в количестве 12 штук, я продаю за 1600 долларов, я хочу купить Antminer D3, оплату в BTC, LTC, отправка почтового соединения DHL bitmainoficial@gmail.com
  • John

    In the presence of Antminer L3 + in the amount of 12 pieces,
    I sell for $ 1600,
    I want to buy Antminer D3,
    payment in BTC, LTC,
    sending DHL mail connection

  • Charintorn Tassaniyom

    it's been 2 week now support so slow
    check out my ticket #130517 and confirm my invoice now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Udmprom

    Looking to buy your old miners!!! Udmprom@yandex.ru

  • Esashkin

    Order ID: 0012017082401688, I see that my order is paid in my account, but I don't received email confirmation with order delivery details ... but I should.

  • Vombat69n

    I made 2 orders.

    - 2017-08-17 17:25:49 Order ID:0012017081706059 
    - 2017-08-18 11:16:32 Order ID:0012017081802221

    I paid 2 of my orders a WEEK ago !!!

    I made a payment to BTC and LTC. 
    Until now no payment verification.


    Today I wrote that the main site is attacked by a hacker. And now even my account with information about orders has disappeared.
    WHAT TO DO ???

  • Vombat69n

    I am wrong. EXCUSE ME

    I already see my account.

    I paid BTC and LTC


  • Ashot Voskanyan

    I bring to your notice that I paid the invoice for a couple of days, or rather (2017.08.24) and you still have not accepted my payment! Solve this problem as soon as possible

    Order ID : 0012017081802663

    email: fazem@mail.ru

  • SorenSolution

    @Ashot Voskanyan

    DONT SAY 'a couple of days if you paid just two days ago... T/T needs about a week to reach banks in China. Then wait another 3-7 weeks because it is how quickly BITMAIN's support reacts.....

  • Danielseabra 29

    Good Morning

    I also made the payment on the 24th, and they have not said anything yet. And today changed the state to expired what do I have to do?

    Order ID:0012017081804718


    Daniel Seabra


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