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  • Benhaddadm

    I have paid the full amount against the Order ID: 0012017080302759. Payment status is still Unpaid can you confirm?

    Thank you.

  • Boyadis
    • Order ID: 0012017081103458
    • Date: 2017-08-11 04:04:02
    • Total: 0.44003916 BTC
    • Payment method: Bitcoin Payment
    • Order ID: 0012017081107067
    • Date: 2017-08-11 05:09:15
    • Total: 0.03935787 BTC
    • Payment method: Bitcoin Payment
  • Pedro Salazar

    Hello, I still have no response to my request regarding the order ID 0012017061900317.

    Suport Request #66299

  • Goldleo17

    someone buy it??

  • Abdullah Harits

    Browsing through the recent comments it seems that i am in the same boat as most people here.

    My order is still marked unpaid & expired even though i've paid with BTC and the transaction confirmed within 10 minutes of my order!. i'm going to assume that your support team dont work on weekends and will get this rectified come Monday.


    Order ID : 0012017081102015

    Item : 3 units of Antminer D3

    Transaction ID : 3456f9cd027a398748f616ad1391970747243f34d302aabace304795d905c6c8 

    Current Status : Unpaid , Expired


    Order ID :0012017081102504

    Item : 3 units of APW3++

    Transaction ID : dac70ec48e8c434f662f04230f85cd4225ca0cabf69964a072fcb6b8ab286dd6 

    Current status : Paid but Expired 


    Get this sorted ASAP guys, this is your reputation here

  • maryandnmail

    hi. Order ID:0012017081605146

    unpaid  unshiped valid


  • Josef Lauterbach

    Hi, I made an order on Thursday but I have different informations about bank account. How is this possible? 

  • Bill Motley

    I'm unable to add anything to the cart. From the looks of these posts that's a good thing

  • niyas7700

    Plz.. help me.

    how to buy antminer product from ksa..

    available here bitmain website. But not accessible buy

    ID :   jafar0077@hotmail.com

  • David.V8
  • Jesada Gyoto

    Please stop selling and do more supporting seriously.

    I paid D3 with BTC and still show unpaid for 7 days.

  • Mohamad Supian Selamat

    Hi Bitmain,

    I've sent to you via email confirmation transfer from my bank on order ID: 0012017070500300. Appreciated to update status order soon as possible.


  • Daniel Elizaur

    Hello, yesterday I pay order N° 0012017060700866 placed in 2017-06-07 14:26:11.0 , I Submited the pdf of the SWIFT in the Bitmain-Ticket ID 59931, I'm worry because the 3 day period is about to end.


  • Jonathan Moreno Villegas

    Please check the order 0012017080204896, I made the payment several days ago.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    Order paid:0012017081600680

    Status: 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool, broadcast through 7 nodes
    Date: 8/16/2017 05:26
    To: 1HoBrQoiEzfqJAVvzPhabFXnRoZg7AbWnT
    Debit: -2.02103376 BTC
    Transaction fee: -0.00412954 BTC
    Net amount: -2.02516330 BTC
    Transaction ID: 3988db0c63b96bc790397bcfad491332f1abb1f90186db150de2d755e8fc7433
    Transaction total size: 1702 bytes
    Output index: 0

    Selected high fee for fast transfer. Still in memory pool

  • Filatov Sergey

    Товар который облагается налогом больше 1000 $ стоит .  Многие Европейские страны берут пошлину , если товар стоит от 200 $ . Если вы отправите товар через Транспортную компанию в Россию и измените декларацию то возможно и без пошлины будет . Также Таможня может конфисковать товар , если неправильно создана декларация по заниженной ценной . Это все делается на ваш риск . 

  • Pedrom913


    Does anybody knows if I can pay with only one wire transfer, four orders.?



  • maryandnmail

    hi. i am paid order 0012017081705960

    please change status unpaid to paid

    2017-08-17 18:11:21 UTC Ł66.20243885



  • Marwan Ahmed Salem Alahdal

    Hi .....
    Payment transfer

    Order ID: 0012017071600267
    Due Amount: 1834.9 USD

  • Danielseabra 29

    Good Morning

    I also made the payment on the 24th, and they have not said anything yet. And today changed the state to expired what do I have to do?

    Order ID:0012017081804718


    Daniel Seabra


  • tan

    Payment done for order 0012017062601118 & 0012017070300864 3 weeks ago, but until now still dont receive any update from bitmain. Already raise  ticket 2-3 weeks ago but still no respond. Please check and update as soon as possible.

  • Techana

    I paid for order #0012017081102461 using BTC and the payment was confirmed within 30 minutes. But now the order's status shows Unpaid and Expired! Check out this issue please.

    Support request #109992


  • Filatov Sergey

    Добрый день всем . Компания Bitman задерживает поставки . Надо попробовать своего представителя отправить чтобы сразу смог купить товар и такой волокиты не было . Если кому интересно могу помочь с доставкой товара в любую страну из Пекина . Цена договорная смотря в какую страну отправить . В Россию самая дешевая доставка Транспортной компанией . Good day to all . The company Bitman delay delivery . You should try my agent to send to be able to buy goods and such red tape was not . If anyone is interested I can help with shipping to any country from Beijing . Price is negotiable depending in which country to send . In Russia the cheapest shipping Transport company .

  • Antminer


    Order ID:0012017081604903

    The amount was sent about 15 minutes after ordering.
    Please check the status of the order.
  • Darnell King

    Sent usd wire on 6-16-2017 order#00120170601400003 still have yet to receive confirmation. Where is customer service.?

  • Boogy


    Please check the following Order ID: 0012017081103370 still marked as unpaid and now expired as well. Bitcoin transaction was done immediately after the order and transaction has been confirmed.

    hash: 4635bb9b9250f6db6951ba7161eaabe79889f518f883bc5f19b2d9bc09555692

  • Davit Chumburidze

    i pay to change: order old order ID: Order ID:0012017080600116 - is expaired but mony transfer new APW3++, October Batch Order ID: Order ID:0012017081500956

    iPay octomber Order ID: 0012017081500956

    please chek bank accaunt:

    user: Davit chumburidze email: devidsinfo@gmail.com

    old tranfer mony order id is mistake : 00120170806000116 (000116) and Original Order Id:0012017080600116 but expaired,

    bat i pay new octomber order id: 0012017081500956

    payid new

  • Michael Wray



    How often do they go out of stock? and when do they usually restock? You seem to do a bit of business with Bitmain and i am looking at purchasing one. How long does it usually take when you order one and are the PAID/UNPAID comments something that you have had to deal with before? If so whats the current turnaround on confirmation? I saw that you said in one of your posts that it took 3 weeks for them to address your issue, was this issue an unpaid status? I just seel all these people posting about this but they never update their posts saying that their issues were addressed 

  • Velukrr


    I have made a payment for the D3 miner and the paid bu USD wire transfer.

    But the status shows expired. 

    Attached payment proof for your reference.

  • BL Energy Group

    I did not understand, I ask you to comment


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