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  • david
  • Sergei Laius

    When an order is opened for Antminer D3?

  • pcaballerot

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000254 EndHTML:000003597 StartFragment:000002738 EndFragment:000003520 StartSelection:000002738 EndSelection:000003514 SourceURL:https://bitmainhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221888028-Ordering-payment-process?page=7 Ordering & payment process – Bitmain

    • I have 20 Antminer D3 and 19 Antminer S9 with PSU
      Selling only 8 of each one, the deliveries are for October.
      The price for the D3 is 0.57 BTC or 54 LTC with PSU APW 3 ++
      The price for the S9 is 0.45 BTC or 47 LTC with PSU APW 3 ++
      Price includes shipping by DHL only
      Any equipment sold with PSU APW3 ++ (PSU is not sold separately, do not insist)
      Make the payment to the following addresses:
      BTC: 1Khoz7ZjFvcnZWk89hTddTUvcsdkh5pfse
      LTC: LUUs1oY157zK1KBuwtJ7NxtSYTK5YtRLgc
      - Send payment image.
      - Send full name.
      - Send shipping address.
      To the following address: pcaballerot@yahoo.com


  • Surasak Srisangkhan

    Hi Support,

     I'm paid 4 order in one transfer and please update ticket 103954 to confirm order please.

  • lopezjcominter

    I paid  using BTC and the payment was confirmed within 30 minutes. But now the order's status shows Unpaid and Expired! Check out this issue please.

    2017-08-11 04:46:43 Order ID:0012017081105908


    2017-08-11 10:50:09 Order ID:0012017081110072


  • Alexandr Efremov

    Сегодня перевел в банк деньги, сказали что перевод отправят только 17 июля в понедельник.
    Что делать в таком случае? Срок ожидания продлится?

  • Jonathan Moreno Villegas

    I already made the payment of my order 0012017080204896, can you confirm?

  • Asdealer


    My orders show still unpaid even though payment was sent in time.

    Please confirm receipt of these 2 payments with corresponding Blockchain confirmation:

    Order ID: 0012017081100742
    https://blockchain.info/tx/69bd803470d12bc3552b6b90f68b7ec35711d640dd756bbc6b339ccf70657390 $7510.05

    Order ID: 0012017081102537
    https://blockchain.info/address/14J8QQSzgEhXHnUexeszXac4b6btS8ExD7 $4541.91

  • John
    Urgently selling AntMiner L3 + 504MHs price 1290 $,
    12 pieces per pack with power packs, Need money for pre-order Antminer D3
    Payment in BTC> LTC
    Send to anywhere in the world by the transport company DHL
    Communications bitmainoficial@gmail.com
  • Gogoladzegm

    Вообще тут много недовольных с РФ, можно и коллективный иск впихнуть, вот там уже смешно им не будет. Читал правила, там куча двусмысленных моментов, однако думаю на коллективный иск и юрист найдется на Bitmain то переть и страховая с радостью покроет расходы. Так что ребята Bitmain вы пошевелитесь, мой запрос на простой refund уже почти 2 недели лежит! Вы нарушили свои же правила

  • tan

    order : 0012017080301833 


    Payment on 4 August, until now still no respond. Order expired

    Email not responding.

    Please check


  • Johan Fourie

    I am still waiting for feedback on Ticket ID 68683


  • Mihail

    Сделал оплату моего номера заказа : 0012017062900486    14 днtq  назад, и я все еще не получил от вас подтверждение по электронной почте


  • Nikolay

    alexey630i, я вожу товар с Китая и доставить могу очень легко в обход таможни и различных сборов. Срок доставки занимает примерно 3 недели.

    У меня есть свои люди в Китае - если BITMAIN могут отправить к ним - но это будет вообще здорово.

    Я в ВК - vk com/RudnevNS

    Я очень хочу заказать майнер L3+ ну и блок питания к нему - но ни как не могу связаться с поддержкой.


  • Cletus

    Having problems with site 2 out of three times when trying to order the D3. Tried multiple OS's and ISP's. 

  • smolina34

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017062000421,  4 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you

  • Jesada Gyoto

    Hi, 3/8/2017 I paid the order 0012017080304935 and it still appears unpaid.

  • mohamad zaman

    This support staff, BELLA asking for extra payment. I have requested the bank to fully paid all charges.

    there was NO intermediary bank fees because I did not route through an intermediary bank.

    Never mind, then I paid the extra $30 bucks for Bitmain's mistake.

    However, my order is still not marked as paid. It shows expired. No confirmation e-mail sent, it has been over 7 days since last email.

    Check the order , please 

    [Bitmain] Re: ORDER ID: 0012017061200274 balance request


  • Guntis Vitolins


    Made 2 orders both of them seems expired in my backofice but.

    But transactions is confirmed?

    Order ID : 0012017081103903 - https://blockchain.info/tx/8f55e3aff5e6cba55f152a78e969361b00e5ba2f8113de00f95e73c862b0711f

    Order ID:0012017081105081 - https://blockchain.info/tx/950c87f139283d346a54cb444245f8ad2fb1ad7c08d21f0ceef6eb0c9d12a53a


    Please help, thank you

  • Tokhir Tulaganov

    Why do you close tickets with the status "solved" when the problem is not solved yet?!

  • Gökhan karaca

    merhaba bende S9 almak istiyorum t/h14 nasıl alabilirim



  • Arkadijs Stolbunovs

    Hello, i have paid for antminers D3 and status says Paid but expired what does that mean?

  • Hemi3000

    Привет. Вчера оплатил заказ  2017-08-11 04 : 03: 21 Идентификатор заказа: 0012017081103409  а он по прежнему в статусе не оплачен !!! почему?

    Статус: 142 подтверждений, разослано через 4 узла
    Дата: 11.08.17 07:27
    Для: bitman 1JquLSESTXMTHzXUfKaND5E8Uets8GvTZk
    Дебет: -0. 53617119  BTC
    Комиссия: -0. 00250533  BTC
    Чистая сумма: -0. 53867652  BTC
    ID транзакции: 56520b39212c406574da4708ffccad999a1c7e046d84525dfac1db45220c022a
    Общий размер транзакции: 1257 байт
    Номер выхода: 1

  • Alexandr Efremov

    Order #0012017071201380, оплатил 14 июля. Ждем подтверждения.

  • Boiko Tur

    I paid  using BTC and the payment was confirmed within 30 minutes. But now the order's status shows Unpaid and Expired! Check out this issue please.

    Order ID:0012017081102452

  • Themrpark

    I cannot pay with btc any more? There is no option to pay with BTC.

    When are you going to start accepting BTC again?

  • Usvolk93

    Please confirm payment for ORDER: 0012017061700043. Wire transfer has been completed within 3 working days of order. $2711.58USD has been successfully transferred please confirm payment of my order... YOU NEED TO CONFIRM PAYMENT PLEASE. STOP FAILING YOUR CUSTOMERS.

  • Strokolenko

    Да уж, а я хотел у них купить! Не кто не знает где именно они находятся в Китае?

    Тут есть такие кто уже от них что то получил?

  • Jpsm77

    Hi there. My order Order ID:0012017081106929 is expired and I am trying to pay the order now but unable. Please change the status of my order so that I can pay immediately. 

  • ronminer00

    I can't add any to my cart.. the + button does not add

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