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  • smolina34

    Hi, Yesterday I paid the order 0012017012400165 and it still appears unpaid

  • Omar Rocha

    can i pay with credit or debit card?

  • Wei Horng Lee

    Hi, Yesterday I paid the order 0012017051000039 and already send payment slip via email, but it still appears unpaid.

  • Josef Lauterbach

    Hi, I made an order on Thursday but I have different informations about bank account. How is this possible? 

  • Hoangbeo121

    in my country , saturday and sunday all bank off. with 3 day ,i have order in Thursday, with two day, i can't do anything. 
    Please support , because at weekend , no one in company working.

  • mauro balbuzano

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017052400487,  11 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you

  • Omar Armenteros

    I also have an Order in, I have a second order that I need to send wire for but I am confused on the confirmation of my wire to you for the initial order. I would like to make payment for the second order but waiting on your confirmation that the first order is good to go.

  • E Banks
    This is in response to "Bella" from bitmain telling me repeatedly (after they already received my wire) that I need to pay MORE than what the invoice told me to pay. Bitmain is REFUSING to mark my order as paid in full even though I paid the FULL invoiced amount.
    Order 0012017060500431
    This is getting very frustrating. I no longer wish to communicate with you, please transfer my issue to someone who knows what they are doing. I SENT THE FULL PAYMENT AND YOU ARE CHEATING ME. As you can see from the 2 attached wire confirmations I have wired the EXACT amount required on the invoice. You are lying to say that your bank only charges $5 and there was NO intermediary bank fees because I did not route through an intermediary bank. The order I placed on June 1, 2017 I paid the EXACT amount that was requested on the invoice and it processed just fine and I received the order paid confirmation. I have attached that wire confirmation so that you can see. As you can see from the wire confirmation from June 5, 2017 you can see that again, I sent the EXACT amount that was invoiced but you are having difficulty marking my order as paid. Stop the games and mark my order as paid as I have paid what was invoiced.
  • E Banks

    @Andy NIU

    Is this statement not true: "When Bitmain will receive your wire, you will get email paid “BITMAIN Order Paid”."

    According to this statement my order should have been PAID. I sent the wire 5 minutes after I placed my order for the EXACT amount invoiced, but Bitmain now keeps telling me I have to pay an additional amount. I cannot get any help from "Bella" because she is being ridiculous. Please investigate this situation.

    Thank you



    Sorry about that. We will reconfirm the issue and reply you in tickets soon.

  • Daniel Elizaur

    Hello, yesterday I pay order N° 0012017060700866 placed in 2017-06-07 14:26:11.0 , I Submited the pdf of the SWIFT in the Bitmain-Ticket ID 59931, I'm worry because the 3 day period is about to end.


  • hasui8324

    Order ID: 0012017060701312 Payment method: USD, remitted the bank, but it remains unpaid.

  • skull550

    Hello I pay the remanent fee yesterday throught the wallet address that you gave me, the status is the same, It's suppose to apply the founds to my account and change the status to paid. the order ID 0012017060800129,131,132,133,136

  • Gentian mema

    hello, it was 11 days since I made a bank transfer but I have not yet received a response. Please inform me, my order no 0012017060500594

  • Aaron Berg

    Hi, I'm having a similar issue. 

    Order ID: 0012017061600670

    Date : 2017-06-16 20:36:08


    I paid from my HashNest wallet at 2017-06-16 20:37:42 UTC. 


    Bitmain address received payment but didn't credit my Bitmain account.






    Order ID: 0012017061600449


    Payment was credited to my account but email confirmation was never sent.


  • Dobri Dinev

    Hi, I made a full payment of my order // Order: 0012017061500207 // on Friday 16.06.2017 /bank transfer/ but today 19.06.2017 in my account, the order still appears unpaid, also no confirmation email received. Just adding that the money was taken from my bank account the same day because I paid for express delivery.

  • Usvolk93

    Please confirm payment for ORDER: 0012017061700043. Wire transfer has been completed within 3 working days of order. $2711.58USD has been successfully transferred please confirm payment of my order... YOU NEED TO CONFIRM PAYMENT PLEASE. STOP FAILING YOUR CUSTOMERS.

  • Khurrambinkamal

    I paid for 10 antminer l3+ my order number is 0012017061300058 but it is still not confirmed please email me the confirmation

  • Tokhir Tulaganov

    Hi,  I paid the order 0012017061800089 on Sunday 2017-06-18  but it still appears unpaid. I send confirmation & link to LTC blockchain,  by email.  Where is support? Who is "Bella" ? Why nobody don't answer to the questions ?

  • Jbasilio C10

    Paid the last L3+ Batch with litecoins to the address provided, it says it is paid now but never received the confirmation email, I sent ticket asking for my confirmation email and and the person who replied 24 hours later asked me to provide proof of payment, I sent the order number and screenshots of the order that in my screen says it's paid and now it's been over 24 hours with no reply

  • tan
  • tan
  • 아이엔지
  • 아이엔지
  • avram

    paid 3 orders with litecoins. no confirmations  after 4 day

  • smolina34

    I made the payment of my order number 0012017062000421,  4 days ago and I still have not received the confirmation email of payment from you

  • Darnell King

    Sent usd wire on 6-16-2017 order#00120170601400003 still have yet to receive confirmation. Where is customer service.?

  • Vahramavetisyan

    It is one week, every day im emailing and trying to call and get contact with Bitmain customer service. Need order paid conformation for order number 0012017060700795.
    Please conform paymant so we feel safe.
    Order was placed 2017/jun/07

  • Vahramavetisyan

    It is one week, every day im emailing and trying to call and get contact with Bitmain customer service. Need order paid conformation for order number 0012017060700795.
    Please conform paymant so we feel safe.
    Order was placed 2017/jun/07

  • Anri Kuzanashvili

    მოკითხვა ქართველებს :*

  • Antonymax1784

    I'm Bad, I'm Unsatisfied, because I want to know when you are going to confirm the orden that i buyed...!!!!!

        Order ID:
        2017-06-19 16:31:05
        43.851 LTC
        Payment Method:
        LTC Directpay

    Order ID:    0012017061900422

    Antminer L3+, 504MH/s × 1

    Shipping: Sep 13-20

    41 LTC

    Discount     0 LTC

    DHL:   2.851  LTC

    Order Total:     43.851 LTC

    This is the link that confirm that i paid you....!!!!!!!!!


    The amount : 43.851 LTC

    To this address you give me: LL9k1ahHAsaHH5vS9A654wUrRFSYvzts8R

    Please verify because i'm wating to buy more L3+ in your website....!!!! And i'm wating only the confirmation the product that i buyed in your site, to buy more antiminer L3+

    !!! Thanks a lot...!!!

    Or Please if you don't go to confirm my order...!!!!!!! Please i need my Lite Coin Back to my Lite Coin account .. ... Wallet:      LfECdE4oXkqHkgeuKwCmqVh1xfkUv21Udy

    Please give me a response.... Because i Change Dollar From My credit Card account to convert in Bitcoins.... then i sent The BitCoins and i change for Lite Coin, And then I sent the Lite Coin .. and later i buyed you this Antminer L3+, 504MH/s × 1..... this is the proof ... !!!!!!

    43.851 LTC

    Please i need a response if you don't go to confirm my order please i need my Lite Coin back.... Because i'm not a kid... i have payments to do....!!!!!

    Please give me your response back...!!!! let me know what where are going to do with this case....!!!

    Thank a lot...!!!!

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