Why is the payment delayed sometimes?




  • Bitcoinblvd

    So this means what? Office network as in what kinda vague don't you think. Everything I've read says to be weary of programs that delay payments

  • Ayoung2006

    My payments has been saying paying for 7 hrs now don't know whats wrong all other payment went through at the same time no problem 

  • Tran Huy

    hôm nay là 6/4/2018 đã 3 ngày qua tôi chưa nhận được tiền của mình. tracker lịch sử thanh toán, Moved accounts but in examples does not found 
    an account name your is:  tranhuy454645@gmail.comA.

  • luiscarescobarbitcoin.com

    A mi me esta sucediendo que desde hace 2 días coloque la solicitud de pago y aun nada yb resultabraro ya que siempre en menos de 24 horas esta la orden tomada


  • yeoh chin chye

    Hi, I've swift from BTC to BCH but my balance in btc doesn't transfer out? It meet the min transfer of 0.05 BTC to be transfer out. I've been waiting for few days and I though it is a delay. Can anyone help?

  • Chaga


    can anyone reply to me. i got a few payment from antpool. no problem but the recent payment is not paid. it just showing paying for the pass 23 hours. i don't know what happen to the antpool

    can anyone got the same experience and how long is take before you get the payment 


  • mehrdad

    Hello sir
    my account is mehrdad0451(m.abbaszadeh.1986@gmail.com) and i am mining XMC but my earining doesnt paid afte 3 days
    so whats is wrong about my account??

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