Why does the miner status page show it’s running fine, but no hash rate showing on antpool dashboard and workers tab?




  • Alvin Chan

    It seems that this answers to miners that are just starting to mine.

    What about miners running for few days later, status of miner is running with hash rates but not showing on antpool?

    This is happening on my Dash Antpool since 2.10am (GMT+8:00) till now.

  • Bitmain


  • Troy Seals

    I have the same problem.  Total pool hash power on antpool for Dash says 0.  Yet in my miner stats it says the connection is still active so it didn't switch to my backup pool.

  • Troy Seals

    I switched to Suprnova until they figure it out


  • Gorkemkoca

    I’m having the same problem. It’s been about 12 hours. At miner status everything seems fine but there isn’t any action on AntPool.

  • AngellicPablo

    Im having same problem from today (9.00 AM)... Its always show hashrate in 10m but no hashrate in 30m and 1h....At miner status is all right.... whats wrong? I have been minig for one month with no problem ... I like this pool but I afraid that I will must change it, because of that :(

  • Evan Curtis

    I have this same issue from Friday How doe we ensure we get our credited sia coins?


  • David Lethe

    I have same issue with SIA, i mined elsewhere, then came back and tried it again, zero earnings, and it would send me confirmation to enter wallet address. 


  • Chrisessoe

    Seems like antpool is getting free hashing by booting you off the pool but still using your computing power. this has been happening to me a lot actually and im pretty pissed about it. im spending electricity with no payout. im averaging 5 TH some days bc half the day it jerked me off. need a solution or im finding a new pool.

  • Egozunova

    I have the same problem with sia - and it happehed does not few minutes, but few days!!!

  • Max9961

    I'm having the exact same problem.  the miner says its mining and at a constant clip but on antpool its hasn't done anything since 9 am.  anyone know whats going on.

  • Marleyfelix

    I have the same problem antminer s9 when fix it

  • Ivan Vilacha

    I have the same what's the problem here?

  • Ivan Vilacha

    And the account balance it is not moving since 9 am eastern time


  • Wangjiawei9108

    Yep, same issue. Status shows running great, hashrate was very stable, dashboard shows 0, and my BTC earn never change since 24 hours ago. Really need someone help

  • Franklin

    Amigos no se si es lo mismo que cada uno de ustedes dice, pero desde ayer mis mineros en ANTPOOL no cambia el balance de lo mimado, las maquinas estan trabajando todo bien pero no veo que se refleje en el balance.



    Gracias a todos

  • Franklin

    I have the same problem, that my balance has not changed since 24 hours, what can we do?

  • Ivan Vilacha

    This is to all ... please send an email to antpool@bitmain.com ... I have sent an email to them because bitmain must fix this and give us a credit for this problem....   

    Por favor envien un correo a antpool@bitmain.com... yo envie ya uno porque bitmain debe areglar esto y darnos un credito por este problema

  • Alemamonica

    I have the same problem, that my balance has not changed since 24 hours, what can we do?

    what is done in this case


  • Franklin

    Ivan Vilach: gracias por el dato de escribirles a  antpool@bitmain.com, así lo hice y se resolvio de forma temporal, pero se resulve de momentos y luego vuelve el problema.

    Thanks Ivan for by your suggestion to writing to antpool@bitmain.com, I did it and it was resolved temporarily, but it turns out to be moments and then the problem returns.

  • Mezcla07

    I'm getting the same issue. Workers show in BTC but no hashing activity.

  • Mightyhabib

    So did any of your enquiries to bitmain get answered? 


  • Mightyhabib

    I'm having the same problem as of the 12/5/2018. Plus now one of my workers that is functioning has been dropped? Guys instead of complaining did any of you find a way to resolve these issues ????


  • Max9961

    Yeah I found a solution. I moved to a different pool. Problem solved.

  • Amin Amiri Darban

    I have the SAME PROBLEM.

    My Hash Rate Shown in the dashboard but nothing for earnings

    As you can see, there is just (10M Before) hashrate and nothing else.


  • Mightyhabib

    Amin Amiri Darban please contact bitmain customer support they have helped on 3 different occasions with issues i have had. Bitmain are doing overhauls on their systems and i wasn't receiving a daily payout for a few days and i contacted them and got reimbursed fully. Don't go to another pool just contact them and if is something from their end they will sort it out!  

  • Boyadis

    I have the same problem Mining with d3 antminer for a few hour ago but no earnings. My email is boyadis@hotmail.com

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