How to set Antpool account


1. Enter in the web address . Or click on the official website of the "Antpool”.

2. Click on the image in the top right then Log in

3. Enter the account and password

4. After you log in a dialog box will pop up, input the miners name prefix (better be letters and Numbers), the following figure.
Now this is also called "sub-account"

5. Enter the background and input Antminer ID, a dialog box will pop-up to authenticate.

6. After that set up mining pool and miner addresses, three mining pools can be set on one mining machine, one main and two others as backup. We suggest that the first and the second use 3333 and 25, the third use other miner pools.
Miner's naming rules, please check the second part of the red circle.

7. The following marked for A, B, C are pool for mining machine Settings
URL: miner pool address
Worker: miners name (when multiple mining machine is best to use digital number, such as antminer_z001, antminer_z002, etc.)
Password: Password (no limit)

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